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Congratulations to Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger, recognized by OC Business Journal as one of Orange County’s five “Innovators of the Year” for 2019. Irvine Company is proud to support Mavenlink’s growth, moving the company into progressively larger workspaces with an open, collaborative environment that fosters innovation.

Mavenlink’s current home at Discovery Park gives the company space flexibility plus the workplace amenities that are key to attracting top talent, like a tech-forward fitness center, bike-share, and outdoor lounge. On Friday afternoons, the team gathers around the BBQ pit playing cornhole – and informally tossing around their next big ideas.

“Irvine Company’s collective teams of design, construction and development took all of that work off our plate and made sure every new space we grew into was tailored and turn-key,” says Grainger. “The vibe is great at our current office, which is a giant tool for attracting and retaining talent. When people come into this office they want to work here.”

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Mavenlink’s growth and what’s next for this innovative company.

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