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Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions that we often forget about. Not intentionally, but as time marches on, other priorities and practicalities take precedence. So, when the average workday is filled with little to no time for self-care, how do we make a New Year’s resolution to get and stay healthy less of a burden and more of an invigorating experience?

In the article “The Merits of Having a Fitness Facility On-Site” Mike Rucker, an expert on employee well-being, says, “A survey among 1,100 American workers showed that an on-site fitness facility was perceived as a top wellness perk. Twenty-five percent of workers who did not have an on-site fitness facility wanted one, which was an increase compared to 19% of workforce expressing the same wish in 2011.”

At Irvine Company, we value the well-being of our customers who office within The Chicago Collection, which is why you’ll find a KINETIC facility in each of our buildings. KINETIC is a workplace fitness and wellness movement that supports a healthy, socially engaging and balanced lifestyle. KINETIC’s goal isn’t just to provide a place to work out, it is to be involved with its members, and to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of their experience. 

Being able to take a class, work with a personal trainer, get out of your business-wear is an exceptional way to revive yourself before the day has begun, as a break during the day, or even after work before heading home. In the Harvard Business Review article “Regular Exercise is Part of Your Job” Ron Friedman sees that exercise during regular work hours actually boosts performance, and changes people’s experience at work. They manage their time more effectively, are more productive, have smoother interactions with their colleagues — and leave the office feeling more satisfied at the end of the day.

The KINETIC clubs at 71 S Wacker, One North Wacker and 300 N LaSalle offer amenities that are on par with, if not better than, other high-training gyms around Chicago. At One North Wacker, the KINETIC facility features Peloton bikes and Matrix equipment, which incorporates smart technology that allows users to create their own fitness profile to monitor heart rate and custom workouts, similar to Fitbit. The biggest attraction at this club is the Hydromassage machine, which fitness manager Chris Milewski says is great to use before or after a workout.

KINETIC at One North Wacker offers a program called “Bikes & Bagels” that rewards customers with bagels and cream cheese for every mile they bike. This popular incentive helps gym-goers maintain their fitness goals while enjoying a tasty breakfast, which contributes to a great work-life balance.

At KINETIC at 71 S Wacker, there is a class called Chocolate Meditation, a meditation where class participants eat a single piece of chocolate to fully experience all five senses. Dawn Hanson, fitness manager, sees this as an excellent way for high-energy, work-focused customers to slow down, take a breath and enjoy the moment, while building a community of like-minded people who they intersect with at KINETIC.

We recognize there is something uniquely empowering about exercising the body, relieving stress and simultaneously feeling accomplished. Taken together, these outcomes define the incredible potential of workday workouts. With KINETIC, Irvine Company Chicago customers can put personal wellness at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions — and enjoy the experience so that getting (and staying) healthy becomes a vital component of each and every day.

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