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The Wendella Water Taxi is a local phenomenon that makes Chicagoans’ commute to work easier and more enjoyable throughout the year, rain or shine. Irvine Company provides an unlimited free pass to its customers at our riverfront building, 300 North LaSalle, to utilize this delightful and convenient Sustainable Transportation option.

Taking the Taxi

The Wendella Water Taxi’s River North stop is directly next door to 300 North LaSalle, located on the riverwalk northeast of the LaSalle Street bridge.That means that from boat-to-building, you spend less time walking than you would from a bus or train. With six stops overall — Chicago Avenue, Chinatown, Goose Island, Chicago Riverwalk, River North, Michigan Avenue and Ogilvie/Union Station (West Loop) —  customers coming from the suburbs can easily access the boat from the Metra allowing for a smooth transition into the workday. And those living in and around other stops can simply hop a ride and cruise to and from work.

Irvine Company in Chicago also participates in Wendella’s Corporate Cruiser Program, providing exclusive rates and access to unique services on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. 

Expanding Services

Good news… a new boat will be added to the Wendella fleet this coming fall. The Robert H, named after Wendella president Robert Borgström, will be a 60-footer and have a capacity of 120 passengers. The expansion comes in response to an increasing usage and demand for the Wendella Water Taxi, which transported 400,000 passengers in 2018. The service will be adding new stops as the Chicago riverfront expands to include Lincoln Yards, The 78, the River District and South Bank, giving customers living in neighborhoods along the river a new opportunity to make water transport their mode of choice.

The Sustainable Choice

Sustainable Transportation refers to any green transit option with low environmental impact, including walking, biking and public transit. The Wendella Water Taxi is an unexpected member of Sustainable Transportation that helps reduce traffic congestion in the city and also reduces commuter costs. 

Making the daily decision to use public Sustainable Transportation rather than driving or calling a car can have a powerful effect on our environment, and on your daily rhythm. Getting outside and enjoying your surroundings in the morning and afternoon — and even on your lunch break — can considerably boost your day and overall health if done regularly. The usage of the Wendella Water Taxi last year alone was equivalent to replacing 8,000 bus trips and 200,000 car rides.

Irvine Company is always seeking out the next best thing to bring to our customers, as well as exciting new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And for a building on the Chicago riverfront, it doesn’t get better than this. 

Catching a ride on the Water Taxi is as easy as can be with the Corporate Cruiser app. Once you have created an account, your Wendella pass is only a click away on your Smartphone, making boarding a breeze. 

The Wendella Water Taxi runs throughout the day, from March to November.

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