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When it comes to your 2020 New Year’s resolutions, think big. Make adjustments that will impact your entire workforce– driving innovation, productivity and wellness. Get inspired with five high impact resolutions. 

Resolution: Get active. Is sedentary office life harming our health? You don’t have to log hours on the treadmill to integrate movement into the workday. From walking meetings to bike share, get the whole team moving with “green exercise” that boosts mental health, too.

Resolution: Use the workplace as a tool for talent retention. In a competitive talent market, the right workplace environment is key to retaining top performers. These are the four workplace offerings that have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction.

Resolution: Harness the benefits of flexible workspace. Once the domain of growing startups with unpredictable headcounts, flexible workspace is going mainstream. CFOs are rethinking their real estate strategy in 2020 and adding flexible space solutions to their workspace portfolios.

Resolution: Get ready for the 5G revolution. New technologies are poised to disrupt how we do business, but cutting-edge infrastructure must first be in place to unlock their full potential.

Resolution: Create space for innovation. The most important place for your employees to be may not be their desks. It’s wherever they can engage in the maximum number of conversations. Increasingly, this means outside

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