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Emma Ryan, Concierge at 71 South Wacker, Chicago, IL
Emma Ryan, Concierge at 71 South Wacker

Across our three Chicago Buildings — 300 North LaSalle, One North Wacker and 71 South Wacker— our on-site concierges handle everything from professional to personal needs in the workplace. We spoke with Emma Ryan, Concierge at 71 South Wacker, to understand how her role adds a human touch to the building, creating a truly meaningful customer experience.

The role of concierge brings convenience, community and connection to the workplace, meaning that Emma’s job is a hybrid. A typical day can easily involve:  juggling conference room bookings; fielding inquiries for tickets to sporting events, concerts and theater; securing reservations at Chicago’s most sought-after restaurants; and planning and attending in-building events. 

Emma notes that customers really respond to variety, and that their interest is piqued when we offer something they can’t find elsewhere. “No boring food giveaways or happy hours, here!” she jokes. Rather, she reflects, “The events that generate the most interest are usually interactive. Zombie survival, restorative yoga, meditation, or self-defense all have quite a following. Trivia events also get our customers really excited…” These events bring the crucial perk of creating a vibrant workplace, where customers and their employees can truly have fun and bond with their team and the overall building community. 

Bringing all of these programs to life is Irvine’s unique WorkLife program, managed by the Concierge team. WorkLife provides regular emails that helps customers stay aware and engaged with what’s happening in the building.

Brightening someone’s day is Emma’s favorite perk; she explains, “I pursued a career in hospitality and event planning because I loved the idea of making people happy for a living. Sometimes I’ll see someone come into the building first thing in the morning and they’ll have a stressed look on their face. Then they’re greeted by me – or our amazing management office team – and they’re offered a treat or a chance to sign up to do something fun later in the day – and all that stress just falls off their face. It’s such a good feeling to get to do that for someone.”

Even when the world around us is challenging, the team at 71 South Wacker is giving it their all, every day, to support customers and keep the delightful surprises coming. From a housekeeping team that keeps the building sparkling clean, to an engineering team always ready to problem-solve, Emma feels lucky to spend every day making 71 South Wacker a special place to be, full of convenience, community and connection.

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