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The workplace broadcasts a company’s brand and values to both talent and clients. When it comes time to look for a new workplace, considering how to put your brand front and center is important.
From elegant slabs of imported marble to whimsical slides connecting floors, it’s easy to feel like every work space needs a flashy custom build. These build outs can be expensive with lengthy timelines, however, making them impractical for companies seeking more agile solutions. But this doesn’t mean custom space is completely out of reach, either.

We spoke with Emily Kream, our Chicago Director of Construction for Irvine Company Office,  about five essentials companies need to know when considering their customization options.

What options are available for companies that need custom space quickly?

Irvine Company’s ReadyNow spaces fill a unique void in the market, offering high end design flourishes in a variety of styles and options for rapid personalization, that many companies find to be an ideal compromise when 6-12 months of planning and construction isn’t in the cards. Our in house design and construction teams can generally get companies into a new, lightly customized space within 60 days.

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