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In today’s dynamic business landscape, change is the only constant. Now, more than ever, flexibility is the ultimate business advantage. Flex Workspace+ gives companies and the people who power them the freedom to adapt, evolve and unlock lasting success. Here’s how Flex Workspace+ is setting a new standard for leasing in commercial real estate:

  1. Leasing terms start at six months. Headcount doesn’t always move in one direction. From temporary projects to satellite office space, Flex Workspace+ empowers businesses to choose the lease length that’s right for their growth needs.
  2. No upfront buildout costs. Real estate is typically the second largest expense for most businesses, tying up critical capital that can constrain growth. Flex Workspace+ eliminates these upfront costs by rolling them into a single, easy-to-see monthly payment plan for the life of your lease, freeing your business to invest in growth.
  3. Move in 30 days after lease signing. Typical office build outs can take six months or longer. Flex Workspace+ is different. After signing a lease, you’re just 30 days away from a tailored, fully-furnished workspace.

How It Works: Your Office, Your Way

  • Site selection. Access the breadth and depth of Irvine Company’s portfolio with more than 150+ workplace communities.
  • Strategy. Our team learns your business goals and workstyle to help you plan a smart space strategy.
  • Design. We refine and optimize a design brief to fully align with your brand and identity, including a curated menu of Herman Miller furniture and branded accessories.
  • Buildout. Our construction team ensures your new space is ready for move in within 30 days.
  • Workplace Care and WorkLife. Move in day is just the beginning: our dedicated on-site team delivers a seamless, engaging environment and responsive service that elevates each work day.
  • Community amenities. Enjoy access to all the workplace community amenities your team knows and loves, including KINETIC fitness centers and The Commons, our open air gathering spaces that empower connection and collaboration.

Unleash your office: when your business could benefit from more optionality and exceptional service standards, Flex Workspace+ ensures you never have to compromise.

Success Works Here.®