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Irvine Company brings something entirely unique to the Chicago market. Greg Tait, Irvine Company’s Senior Leasing Director, explains, “Irvine is distinguished by our Forever Ownership perspective, which means we are committed to our buildings long-term through active, constant reinvestment. At the center of this philosophy is our focus on operating over the long haul with a human-centric approach.”

Greg Tait, Maura Bindon, Maggie Brophy and Jamion Hartley

“We don’t move on once a lease is signed; our entire team continues to work with customers regardless of the course their business takes…whether it’s doubling in size or being reduced by half, Irvine Company is there to help adapt, adjust and achieve success. This personal, hands-on approach in trophy-status buildings is a massive advantage for customers who are looking for consistent, quality care.” 

Greg Tait, Irvine Company’s Senior Leasing Director

Tait observes that with its ownership of three of Chicago’s greatest commercial skyscrapers, Irvine is able to tailor workplace solutions for virtually every customer organization. He reflects, “Our buildings accommodate the distinctive character of each customer’s culture and goals, since one-size-fits-all simply doesn’t exist in today’s business world. We work hard every day to maintain a diverse, constantly evolving range of amenities to make sure that every customer gets what they need and want — regardless of whether their employees are morning people or night owls.” 

As he reflects back on 2019, Tait comments, “Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant shift in customers recognizing the strategic value of collaboration and having their employees work on site. In response to this trend, Irvine Company is in the privileged position of being able to offer both existing and prospective customers with flexible lease terms and an array of workspace options that allow them to focus on what’s most important — seeking success and growing their businesses.”  Tait reflects, “Companies that are ambitious and future-facing need to constantly elevate their performance to attract and retain talent and build their brands. As a result, they turn to us to deliver environments and amenities that align with their business goals.”

Tait sees exciting new opportunities for 2020. “In 2019, we had wins on multiple fronts, from renegotiating lease extensions with major customers to fully transitioning to an in-house leasing team. Without a doubt, Irvine Company is prepared to step into the new year with high hopes and great plans in the ever-evolving Chicago market!” 

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