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Will your next conference speaker be a hologram? Keynote presentations delivered by hologram – including holograms that can translate speeches into different languages – may be coming to a board room near you in the not-so-distant future. But without the latest infrastructure in place, your company won’t be able to capitalize on these cutting-edge technologies.

Irvine Company is reimagining what’s possible for conferencing with elevated meeting and event spaces. These spaces bring together high-impact technology, design and service to power the pivotal moments in a company’s life. From product launches and investor meetings to employee trainings and holiday parties, our meeting and event spaces adapt to every business need– including those future hologram speakers.

  1. Connect and go. Put an end to battles with cords and cables for presentations and video conferencing. Meeting and event spaces feature “connect and go” technology and automation support, powering even the most technically-demanding meetings and events. Simply connect to the network and present away.
  2. All-inclusive flexibility. A pre-function area, adaptive room layouts and connected outdoor space meet your event’s needs. At Jamboree Center in Irvine, for example, The Commons at 3 Park Plaza connects to Hotel Irvine’s conferencing center. Guests seamlessly transition from an indoor presentation to an outdoor reception, gathering for happy hour by the fire pit or watching the game on the big screen TV.
  3. All-access conferencing. Irvine Company customers have access to conferencing centers across Coastal California, allowing for unprecedented event scope and flexibility. For example, a company based in Irvine could use event space in San Diego to hold a customer appreciation event– all free of charge.

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