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How do you measure the value of your workplace? It’s tempting to focus on cost per square foot, thinking about workspace as a fixed overhead cost with limited return. But the modern workplace is more than just a place where work gets done. At Centerside in San Diego’s Mission Valley, our Workplace Community Ecosystem is a powerful tool for bringing out the best in people and driving business performance.

Here’s why success works at Centerside:

Engaging workday experiences complement professional and personal priorities.
At Centerside, you’re truly in the “center” of everything. Enjoy on-site dining at Eddy M’s Cafe & Coffee Cart, grab a quick meal from visiting gourmet food trucks or visit the weekly farmer’s market. Free shuttle service provides easy access to the trolley and a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options at the Fashion Valley and Westfield Mission Valley Malls. The shuttle’s app ensures pick up and drop-off timing fit seamlessly into the work day.

The ROI pay-off: As the workday moves beyond a standard 9 to 5, the ability to meet personal and professional needs throughout the workday is critical. A diversity of on-site conveniences and easy access to popular retail and dining options boosts employee productivity and engagement.

Amenity clusters create community.
At Centerside, the central lake and Commons is our community hub, bringing teams together to connect, collaborate and recharge during a busy day. Expansive decking and shaded seating are ideal for lunch al fresco or a midday brainstorming session. Two on-site KINETIC fitness centers – including one with shaded outdoor space for yoga and bootcamp classes – bring teams together, energizing mind and body.

The ROI pay-off: Amenity clusters like The Commons at Centerside bring together people who ordinarily wouldn’t interact. This builds a stronger workplace community and creates opportunities for unexpected connections — sparking innovation, creativity and growth.

Seamless, hospitality-inspired service proactively anticipates needs and provides peace of mind.
Centerside’s on-site Customer Resource Center combines our team’s expertise with a collection of technology-forward solutions, going beyond the standard of customer service to care for your success.

The ROI pay-off: As demands on executive mindshare grow, the knowledge you have a dedicated team ready to address your company’s workplace needs is an important time saver. A friction-free workday, every day provides invaluable peace of mind.

Flexible, proven solutions address evolving business needs across a company’s lifecycle.
As your business grows, Centerside is well positioned to accommodate your expansion needs. Currently, Centerside offers growing businesses a unique opportunity: access to the largest contiguous block of top floor vacancy in a San Diego class A high rise with building-top signage and prominent freeway visibility available.

The ROI pay-off: Right-sizing office space and planning for growth can be tricky. Irvine Company’s leasing experts can help your business forecast space needs and plan ahead for seamless expansion, reducing the risk for a costly relocation or lost productivity due to space constraints.

How we work is changing, and Centerside puts your business at the forefront of this evolution– maximizing workplace ROI. For more information on how Centerside drives business success, visit

Success Works Here.®