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“We can turn around flexible workspace in 30 days, which is something that currently doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world,” says Brian Brown, Senior Director and Head of Flex Workspace+ for Irvine Company.

There’s good reason for that: it’s incredibly difficult. The lead time for most furniture and finishes is 12 weeks or more and that’s following a lengthy planning and design phase. But many companies don’t have 6 months to a year to spare when space needs rapidly evolve– and shouldn’t have to sacrifice tailored, custom space for a fast move-in. 

Irvine Company worked with a partner of more than 35 years, global design and architecture firm Gensler, to establish a process that could deliver workspace in 30 days and is not only functional but also tailored to the needs of each customer.

“30 days is an incredibly ambitious timeline,” says Gensler Design Director Jaimelynn Shah. “It took a lot of troubleshooting but we achieved what most designers would tell you is impossible.”

Here are the core elements of how it’s made possible: 

Curated Design Choices

Endless options can overwhelm decision makers and draw out timelines unnecessarily. To streamline the process, Gensler created two distinct design personas that reflect company work styles and productivity needs. Each persona offers curated choices for furniture, paint, accessories, branding, technology, accent pendants and fabrics. Every design option was carefully vetted to be flexible, interchangeable and neutral so that it can suit any environment and complement any brand palette.

Fast Ship Furniture and Finishes

In order to achieve the 30 day timeline, furniture and finishes need to ship immediately upon selection. All design offerings, including Herman Miller furniture, are guaranteed to be available the moment they’re needed. 

Floorplan Flexibility

To ensure maximum floor plan flexibility, Gensler created an “experience zone” menu. These different zones meet key space needs, ranging from community building to collaboration to quiet focus work, and seamlessly align with fast-ship furniture options.

Customized, Modular Desk Systems

The needs for individual workstations can vary dramatically from industry to industry and company to company. To deliver customization in 30 days, Flex Workspace+ leverages a “kit of parts” desk system that can be completely personalized with add-ons including privacy panels, storage, lighting, pin-up space, writable surfaces, shelving and more.

Rapid Deploy Branding

Essential branding elements including customized paint colors and logo application. These are achieved through rapid turnaround vinyl decals and projection with additional rapid deploy branding options under development. 

Hardworking space without the hard work. Learn how Flex Workspace+ is changing the rules for office space and commercial leasing:

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