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How do we thrive in the modern workplace? The key is to cultivate an intentional mindset of curiosity that drives innovation– just like our customers Indi and Mavenlink, whose CEOs are both OCBJ 2019 “Innovator of the Year” winners, and all our customers who were recognized as finalists.

While these companies each tackle very different industry challenges, they’re both in workplaces intentionally designed to drive innovation. As a broker, you can help clients realize this same competitive advantage.

These are three key features of the modern workplace that drive innovation:

Team Spaces for Creative Connection

What employees need: At innovative companies, employees form strong connections not only with their immediate team but also across departments. These connections cross-pollinate ideas and drive those ‘ah-ha!’ moments.

The workplace solution: At Mavenlink’s home in Discovery Park, communal space brings teams together and encourages employees to use their minds in different ways. Comfortable lounge furniture by an outdoor fire pit, for example, provides a casual atmosphere for exploring new solutions and curious thinking.

Lifestyle photography of The Commons at Discovery Park in Irvine, CA

Outdoor Workspace for Brainstorming

What employees need: Time in nature stimulates the brain by increasing neural activity, according to Stanford researchers. This unedited brainstorming opens teams up to heightened empathy, engagement and collaboration, driving outcomes that wouldn’t otherwise be reached.

The workplace solution: Consider how the workplace connects employees with nature. At UCI Research Park, where Indi is based, pocket parks and on-site walking trails encourage teams to head outside. Time outdoors helps employees recharge and approach their roles with a fresh sense of curiosity, combating burnout.

Lifestyle photography of The Commons at UCI Research Park in Irvine, CA

Flexible Workspace That Empowers Employees with Choice

What employees need: Giving employees autonomy over how and where to work can lower stress levels and boost engagement, clearing the way for creative thinking.

The workplace solution: Look for open floor plates that can be easily customized to accommodate a variety of needs, such as team rooms for causal breakouts and “heads down” zones for quiet, focused work. Both Indi and Mavenlink are thriving in workplaces that accommodate a variety of work styles and preferences, unlocking new levels of success.

Rendering view of a workspace at UCI Research Park in Irvine, CA

Companies are not innovators by accident. Successful companies cultivate an intentional mindset of curiosity that drives innovation– just like Indi, Mavenlink, and all our customers who were recognized as finalists for OCBJ’s “Innovator of the Year” award for 2019.

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