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If you’ve read our previous piece on the workplace and the wage puzzle, you’ll know that a workplace that addresses the needs of employees can be part of a larger competitive compensation package. But did you know that, according to a recent Work Environment Survey conducted by Capital One, 79% of full-time office professionals believe that in order for companies to encourage innovation they need to have an innovative environment?

Workers from five designated markets, including Chicago, were asked about their needs, wants and expectations from the work environment, and the results are surprising…Consistent across the findings is a strong belief that workplace flexibility is crucial for driving productivity and innovation. And while amenities are part of the larger workplace equation, giving employees the opportunity to work remotely benefits their health and well-being while boosting their productivity.

80% of those surveyed indicated that when they change locations while working they are more productive. Believe it or not, basic elements of workplace design — like natural light, reconfigurable furniture and flexible teaming spaces — are all important factors in engagement and help employees activate the full potential of their work environment.

At Irvine Company, we are in a constant feedback loop with our customers and the broader business community to mine relevant insights that contribute to vibrant workplace communities as places for employees to thrive.

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