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When Irvine Company was planning One La Jolla Center, a 15-story vertical workplace community in La Jolla California, they thought “How much of our community’s time can we give back to them by eliminating travel time?”

The answer was a remarkable 4.6 hours per week. That’s 231 hours per year that employees in La Jolla spend working and living instead of commuting.

Time is the most precious amenity a company can give to its employees. Whether they spend that time with their families or in the office the result is the same – a more satisfied and productive workforce.

Irvine Company’s master planning mindset is in the company’s DNA. The entire city of Irvine, California is based on a master plan for what was formerly Irvine Ranch, developed starting in 1959. Always thinking decades ahead, that plan has continued to evolve. For example, Irvine has an $11 billion, 10-year road map of planned transportation projects to meet the needs of its growing population.

“Our perspective as long-term planners allows us to carefully and intentionally design spaces and services to meet all of our customers’ needs within a limited radius,” says Roger DeWames, Vice President, Development. “We create a self-sustaining workplace community within the broader context of the surrounding neighborhood community to help our customers thrive.”

The master planning mindset ensures that three principles are applied to every community.

Less Commuting, More Living

On average, commuters lose a full week in traffic each year. Long term projections for growth allow for strategic development of road, rail and air travel. A robust network of dedicated bike paths provide a sustainable alternative for shorter commutes. Planned communities like Santa Clara Square® and Irvine Spectrum also offer the opportunity for a virtually commute-free lifestyle, with resort-style living, workplaces, and lifestyle needs all in a single, walkable neighborhood.

Retail, Dining and Entertainment at Your Doorstep

When planning a workplace community, Roger DeWames, Vice President, Development and the design team think about every part of someone’s day, including where they might need to run an errand, what preferences they might have, and how they’re going to get there. Long-term planning guarantees easy access not only to retail, dining and entertainment but also to a curated and diverse range of options.

Open Space Supports an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle

Irvine Company’s visionary conservation programs have long set the standard for environmental stewardship. In Orange County, 55,000 acres – nearly 60 percent of the entire Irvine Ranch – are permanently preserved open space. This macro-commitment to open space is seen on a smaller scale in every workplace community, where outdoor space takes center stage.

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