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Time and again we see examples of the ways in which high quality dining not only increases customers’ social engagement, but ultimately improves the overall work experience. At One North Wacker, we’ve partnered with Fooda, a workplace food program that reimagines the cafeteria, to introduce Season & Sky, the building’s soon-to-be remodeled food hall-inspired dining experience. 

Maureen Kearney, Fooda’s Director of Business Development in Chicago, explained that Fooda’s approach to on-site dining is to eliminate menu fatigue by ensuring authentic, fresh and diverse cuisines from recognizable restaurant names and specialty chefs. 

Season & Sky’s permanent on-site offerings include Clever Rabbit Market, Beatrix Market and M Burger. Each bring something different: a salad bar, a deli and a grill station. And while the space provides a weekly hot bar offering, plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options and breakfast served each day, the reputations of these respected Chicago restaurants bring a unique twist to the dining experience. 

In addition to the restaurants always on-site, there is a daily rotation of two guests, bringing your favorite weekend meals to your lunch at work. Fooda has a roster of over 120 notable local and national restaurants including both esteemed establishments and Mom-And-Pop favorites.

Season & Sky supports Irvine Company’s dedication to sustainability by making all back of house operations, including leftover and unsold food, put into a compostable program. All containers and utensils Season & Sky provides are recyclable, so the entire program saves utility, cleaning supplies and chemical costs as well as conserving water and energy. 

At Irvine Company in Chicago, prioritizing customers’ needs while simultaneously supporting local restaurateurs and pursuing sustainability initiatives is how we believe vibrant workplace communities prosper.

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