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2020’s workplace trends take commonplace aspects of our workday–joining a conference call, ordering lunch, parking our cars–and consider a world where these experiences are entirely different. We’re laying the groundwork for the future of technology, the future of how we work, and the future of the planet.

1. The Future is Flex
Flexible workspace enters a new era. Options blend the benefits of coworking spaces–scalable, short-term leases–with the prestige of private, tailored and fully-branded offices. These grown-up alternatives are prompting businesses of all sizes, from high-growth small and midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to rethink their approach to leasing. Welcome to a future where flexible leases are a critical part of any agile company’s business strategy.

2. Dining Pushes Boundaries
Grab-and-go food, a staple of workplace dining, is getting an upgrade. Micro food halls and celebrity chefs bring diversity and excitement to on-site dining options without sacrificing speed or convenience. New apps make it easier for employees to pre-order meals, and beer and wine options encourage teams to linger over happy hour drinks.

3. The 5G Revolution Arrives
5G and edge computing are poised to transform the world as we know it, creating new products and business models and making cutting-edge technologies, like holographic conferencing, a reality. Without updated infrastructure in the workplace, however, businesses won’t be able to capitalize on 5G’s full potential, and some companies are already behind when it comes to connectivity basics. In 2020, workplace infrastructure gets an overhaul as companies demand more options for fiber service providers and more reliable cellular connectivity within the workplace.

4. Sustainability Gets Personal
Companies have long prioritized LEED and Energy Star certifications when selecting their workspaces, but these certifications can sometimes feel removed from day-to-day workplace operations. Now the workplace is infusing sustainability into employees’ everyday experiences, from onsite electric vehicle rideshare to removing plastic bottles from meeting rooms.

5. Future-Proofing Fundamentals
HVAC systems and parking garages don’t usually make a trend list, but these fundamentals are now top of mind as companies prioritize “future-proofed” workplaces. HVAC systems, for example, must integrate with predictive maintenance IoT sensors and allow employees to customize office temperatures in real time through an app. Parking garage design is also being rethought to accommodate the impact of ride hailing services and autonomous vehicles. In a market crowded with real estate options, choosing a commercial real estate provider that invests in ambitious updates keeps companies at the forefront of what’s next.

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