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New technologies are poised to disrupt how we do business, but cutting-edge infrastructure must first be in place to unlock their full potential.

We’re on the cusp of a connectivity revolution. 5G and edge computing will transform the world as we know it, creating new products, services, business models and entire industries. Without modern infrastructure in the workplace, however, businesses won’t be able to capitalize on 5G’s full potential – or even keep pace with the speed of today’s business.

Continual Improvement Powers Bold Ambitions

As forever owners, we’re uniquely positioned to invest in ambitious infrastructure upgrades. We had the first Google Fiber connected workplace on the West Coast, and continue to pioneer connectivity enhancements. Currently, the majority of Irvine Company workplaces are equipped with fiber, and all communities are scheduled to have fiber by the end of 2020.

Here’s what we do differently:

Open access networks.
The challenge: Bringing fiber to a building can be an expensive and slow process, and not every building offers companies a choice of providers, locking businesses into contracts that may fail to deliver desired speeds or service quality.

Our solution: Speed meets choice. Our workplaces are built to easily accommodate the latest infrastructure without customer disruption. Currently, in partnership with Southern California Edison, we’re bringing open-access networks to the workplace, giving companies their choice of up to 40+ internet providers.

Upgraded wireless technology.
The challenge: Ever dropped a call, struggled to download a file or been stuck waiting – and waiting – to buffer a video? Many of today’s workplaces utilize building materials that stop certain radio frequencies from penetrating. That’s why employees inside some office buildings can struggle with connectivity on their devices, and unless additional infrastructure is added, they won’t be able to connect to cellular networks.

Our solution: We’re actively upgrading our current wireless technology to bring enhanced wireless services into the workplace. This includes antennas that bring a dedicated cellular network connection inside the building.

The future of IoT.
The challenge: A minor building system malfunction can become major workday disruption. IoT sensors can help detect maintenance concerns early, but their benefits are limited without the right network in place.

Our solution: New wireless sensors, powered by robust wireless networks, are rewriting the rules for workplace maintenance, delivering a seamless workday, every day. Portfolio-wide water leak detection and HVAC fault detection diagnostics identify and resolve system issues before they impact your company’s operations.

What’s Next: Preparing for 5G

The next generation of cellular networks (5G) brings unprecedented speed, reliability and capacity for enhanced people-to-people, people-to-device and device-to-device communication.

4G LTE vs. 5G Connection Speeds and Device Support

5G technology enables network slicing, which divides bandwidth, putting critical, high-speed data needs in an “express lane” and epically accelerating data speeds across the network. This new era of hyper-connectivity, along with edge computing, will change the way we interact with the world around us– and we’ll be ready.

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