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It’s 2019 and there are self-pour bars in every venue, from bespoke breweries to casual dining to urban high rise apartments. So it stands to reason that this new twist on beer and wine service would make its way into the corporate environment, as well, where market innovators like iPourIt are partnering with food service companies to bring this luxurious amenity to customers.

Since Irvine Company’s reinvestment in 71 S Wacker that wrapped up in November 2018, The Taproom — a handsome self-pour bar — now exists in The Exchange, the sleek new dining and lounge area located just up the escalator from the building’s atrium. With the lounge and fireplace nearby, the self-pour bar has already become a popular amenity for customers to sit, and drink a beer, glass of wine, or a cup of coffee when they are looking for time to relax or enjoy the company of co-workers.

Self-pour is an intriguing concept because liability and productivity issues are a concern when considering alcohol service in the corporate world. Thinking of a solution before a problem occurs, a self-pour bar enables employers to offer their workforce a self-serve beer and wine perk, with the ability to limit ounces and times available per day.

The Taproom at The Exchange currently has 6 taps, with 5 beer selections and 1 wine option, all being locally sourced and on a rotating menu. As a building perk, it’s particularly ideal for a roster of customers comprised of companies that attract progressive-thinking, tech-savvy people who appreciate comforts and services that are fresh and innovative, while satisfying their desire for a little fulfilling downtime at the end of a busy day.

Creating a space for customers to engage, is step one in providing an open, positive work environment. To take a step further, providing amenities like the self-pour bar, on-site dining, and state-of-the-art fitness centers allow people to feel part of a larger work community, where they can enjoy themselves pre-work, during lunch, and after work.

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