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From Uber to Postmates to Netflix, we’re living in an on-demand world. Consumer expectations for speed and convenience have created a new paradigm: a world of fast, simple and efficient experiences. Now, these expectations are impacting the workplace. Apps to pre-order food and coffee from on-site cafes, control temperature and lighting, and manage workplace notifications are on the rise. 

Irvine Company commissioned an independent, in-depth research study to better understand how our expectations for speed and convenience are impacting the workplace. The resulting survey of 500 California decision-makers provides crucial insight on three key fronts:

  • Expectation versus reality: the on-demand services employees would like versus what their employer currently offers
  • Productivity: which on-demand services have the greatest impact on productivity
  • Employer satisfaction: the impact on-demand services have on how employees feel about their employer 

The results reveal exciting opportunities for companies to maximize workplace ROI and gain an edge in today’s competitive talent market. Despite the shift in consumer expectations, the workplace is still playing catch-up. The majority of California professionals do not yet work in an office with on-demand offerings. However, should their employers move to an on-demand workplace, these professionals say they would be more productive and feel more positively towards their employer.

The Opportunity: Most Workplaces Do Not (Yet) Offer On-Demand Services

Does your workplace offer on-demand services?

Image from the infographic on "How the On-Demand Workplace Drives Business Success"

Small Investment, Significant Pay-Off

We’re at the beginning of a rising trend. Since on-demand services are not yet widespread, employers who choose workplaces with these services can gain a critical, first-mover advantage with talent.

  • Differentiate employer brand in a competitive talent market
  • Strengthen reputation with current employees

As the on demand workplace becomes a standard offering, this benefit may not be as pronounced, so making the move now offers the greatest benefit.

If your employer were to move to a workplace with on-demand services:

Image from the infographic on "How the On-Demand Workplace Drives Business Success"

The pay-off may be even greater than these estimates. Professionals who are in a workplace with on-demand offerings overwhelming report that these offerings significantly improve their quality of life and 95% report feeling more positive towards their employer. For these professionals, the loss of these services is a significant risk: 81% said the loss of on-demand services would negatively impact their quality of life, hurting productivity and engagement.

If your employer is currently in a workplace with on-demand services:

Image from the infographic on "How the On-Demand Workplace Drives Business Success"

In addition to boosting employer sentiment and employee quality of life, on-demand workplace offerings boost employee productivity– meeting our need for speed with a frictionless workday. 

Get the list: These are the on-demand services employees say have the greatest impact on day-to-day productivity. 

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