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Thanks to our commitment to supporting the success of our customers, we have introduced bona fide “wow factor” standards across the Chicago buildings. And in order for us to continue to deliver against these well-rounded actions, we are bringing this “wow factor” sensibility to our on-site programming, as well — with the help of strategic, amenity-centric design and the hard-working Ops teams that value community and collaboration. Valuing a mission to make the workday better informs how we activate amenities and introduce exciting programming that is also aimed at the pursuit of lifelong learning. We start by listening to our customers and deliver results based on their needs and requests. 

KINETIC™ fitness and wellness center, which is located in each Irvine Company Chicago building, consists of experts that bring customers what they need in order to alleviate stress and improve their day-to-day. Fitness instructor Dawn Hanson at 71 South Wacker frequently coordinates events that are free to everyone in the building, in addition to exclusive KINETIC programming. Recently, on-site physical therapist, Bill Hitchcock spoke to customers about neck and back pain, allowing him to engage with customers about physical issues directly related to using laptops, sitting all day and looking at our phones. In addition to Bill’s service offerings, Dawn, an ergonomics specialist, routinely helps customers with their seating and desk alignments in their offices. 

To further infuse human-centric “wow factor” thinking into our programming, we partner with organizations who share these same values. Companies like urban beekeepers Alvéole work with us at One North Wacker and 300 North LaSalle to provide natural honey products for our customers, while simultaneously offering lunch n’ learns and green roof visits that teach people about bees and honey production. These types of collaborations allow customers to do something outside of their ordinary workdays, especially when gaining knowledge (and honey!) from the event. The act of being curious and taking a break from work is not just good for the mind, but it’s good for the soul. More “wow.”

Whether we are having meditation classes, providing a caramel apple bar on site to celebrate fall or providing enriching, educational event programming, our “wow factor” strategy is in dedication to drawing out what’s best in people. 

Success Works Here.®