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“The difference between Irvine Company and other office providers is night and day.”

For A Plus Funding, there’s no place quite like home. The fast-growing mortgage solution provider had been based out of a coworking space at Pacific Arts Plaza (“Pac Arts”) for two years. When it came time to find their own private workspace, they considered various locations but ultimately chose to keep Pac Arts as their home.

“We considered locations as far out as Ontario and we also looked at office buildings in the Costa Mesa area managed by other landlords. At the end of the day, nothing came close to what we have here with Irvine Company at Pacific Arts Plaza,” says Mohamed Zebdiyeh, CEO and Founder, A Plus Funding.

In addition to the convenience of keeping the team in their current location, Zebdiyeh says Irvine Company’s Flex Workspace+ offering made it easy to say yes to their own space at Pac Arts.

With low upfront costs and short-term lease options, Flex Workspace+ gives companies a critical business advantage at a time when flexibility and value have never been more important. 

“Irvine Company had our space move-in ready on a quick timeline, even with COVID. From helping us customize our layout to selecting furniture to ensure our Wifi was up and running, the team handled every step of the process. It couldn’t have been easier.”

Zebdiyeh worked closely with Irvine Company’s Stephanie Heiple to customize the workspace layout. For example, Zebdiyeh asked Heiple to skip a traditional conference room. Instead, he opted for a collaborative, central meeting space with a large couch and high top table. The flexible layout empowers employees to use the space to meet their different needs throughout the workday.

“Making all these selections is time-consuming and it’s not in our wheelhouse,” said Zebdiyeh. “Our skills lie in helping customers get competitive loan rates, not doing design or branding. It was much easier to let the experts at Irvine Company handle everything. Compared with quotes we received from other vendors, having everything bundled into our Flex pricing was also more cost-effective. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Even with the ongoing pandemic challenges, Zebdiyeh and his team are excited to use the new workspace and feel confident coming to work thanks to all the precautions in place.

“With today’s competitive mortgage rates, the market is very strong, and we’re excited to bring new team members in this space,” said Zebdiyeh. “We look at this space as our ‘proof of concept’ and we look forward to the day we outgrow it and expand into another floor. With Flex, it will be easy to adjust our lease.”

Reflecting on the experience of leasing and customizing the company’s first workspace, Zebdiyeh says there are lessons to be learned for his business, too.

“We’re very customer-service oriented as a company,” said Zebdiyeh. “We want our clients to walk away from us feeling the same way we did after working with Irvine Company. Our goal is to simplify the lending process as effectively as Irvine Company simplified the office leasing process. The difference between Irvine Company and other office providers is night and day.”

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