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Editor’s Note: Coworking is changing the ways tenants think about their office space needs. It’s also causing landlords and other real estate companies to adapt their own business models and ways of thinking about providing services to their tenant customers. The Business Journal asked OC’s top landlord, Irvine Co., to share thoughts on how coworking has affected operations, and what to look for in potential shared space partners. The following is an edited response.

Flexible Workspace, the New Paradigm

By Steve Case

Workspace needs can shift unexpectedly for ambitious entrepreneurs and high-growth small businesses.

It’s among the reasons so many choose coworking and flexible office providers like WeWork, Spaces, Regus and others that we’re proud to partner with in Orange County, San Diego, Silicon Valley and across our portfolio.

It’s also the key driver of our near-term innovation roadmap and mission to provide businesses with a comprehensive set of workplace solutions that catalyze success.

Irvine Co.’s Workplace Success Team has researched the needs, desires and habits of the more than 3,000 businesses that thrive across our 50 million square feet of workplace communities.

We’ve learned that as companies flourish, they spend significant resources on recruiting new talent and retaining the talent they have. As the stakes get higher, so does the ROI of workspace that reflects their brand, inspires their employees and offers modern conveniences in premium locations.

The challenge? Upfront costs and internal resource strain can be a barrier to entry that’s tough to overcome.

New Business

We will soon introduce a new product that redefines flexible workspace by putting companies—our customers—at the forefront of the evolution.

This solution will offer private, branded, fully-furnished offices with unmatched leasing flexibility and a hassle-free process to help businesses say yes to the office they really want.

This new offering aligns with our mission to provide companies of all sizes in all stages of their life cycle a workplace that creates a powerful competitive advantage and positions teams to thrive.

We are proud to be a partner in the success of so many notable Orange County companies. Alongside our coworking partners and with the introduction of our newest flexible workspace offering, we look forward to continuing to play a role in bolstering Orange County’s reputation as a national leader in America’s ever-changing business landscape.

Case is executive vice president of Irvine Company Office Properties.

Originally published on 8/19/2019, Orange County Business Journal

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