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Choosing the right amount of office space can be tricky. Your office must be spacious enough to ensure teams can be together, safely, and flexible enough to adapt to future needs. In these uncertain times, there’s no room for error.

Why Growth Planning Matters: Avoiding Space Mistakes

One common challenge companies face is the fear of over committing to office space and taking on more square footage than their bottom line can support. In reality, the opposite problem can sometimes be true: Companies end up losing money because they have to turn down business due to insufficient space to support their expansion. And now, more than ever, sufficient space is critical to allow teams to be together safely. 

“In this unprecedented moment, planning for the future can seem impossible at first. Choosing options that maximize flexibility and adaptability position companies to pivot quickly and stay ahead of the curve.”

Getting It Right: How Much Space Companies Need

Tom Greubel, Vice President of Leasing for Irvine Company Office, brings more than two decades of commercial real estate experience to growth planning. He recommends starting with these guidelines:

  • Small companies (10 to 25 people) – Planning six to 12 months out
  • Medium-sized companies (25 to 100 people) – Plan 12 to 18 months out 
  • Large companies (100+ in one location) – Plan at least two years into the future

Flexible Headcount, Flexible Space

Headcount doesn’t always move in one direction, which can complicate growth planning. As companies explore new workday options that integrate work-from-home with in-office teaming, flexible lease terms ensure businesses have the right amount of space no matter what the future holds.

Unmatched Flexibility Meets Irvine Company Stability

Lease terms customized for your business. Built-out, branded workspace tailored for your team. Available at any Irvine Company workplace, Flex Workspace+ is the ultimate business advantage.

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