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According to Ernst & Young’s Global Generations Research, most employees cite work/life balance as one of their top priorities. To help attract top talent, forward-thinking companies are looking for commercial real estate partners, such as Irvine Company, who understand that amenities in and around the office are critical to attracting a high-performing workforce.

1. Connected Outdoor Workspaces

The ever-increasing pace of work is driving the creation of new types of gathering and collaborating spaces where employees can escape in the middle of the day, connect with their colleagues during an outdoor meeting, or relax and refresh before continuing with their day. La Jolla UTC has brought these spaces to life with The Commons: Wi-Fi enabled, indoor/outdoor workspaces.

“When we designed The Commons, we envisioned a place where the ‘inside would meet the outdoors,’ and would let employees recharge and maybe tap into their creative mindset. The buildings now offer more of a next-generation ‘vertical campus’ experience and the result is, we are attracting companies from across Southern California in a variety of industries, including technology companies,” said Steve Case, Executive Vice President of Irvine Company Office Properties.

2. Extensive Dining Options

One of the top requests from employees is direct access to a variety of dining choices. “Food options are critical to our customers. We look at a variety of vendors we partner with to make sure that employees have on-site and now on-demand options to choose from,” said Scott Diggs, Senior Leasing Director at the Irvine Company Office Properties who specializes in the unique needs of San Diego business owners. With the arrival of Red O, and the revitalization of the Westfield UTC mall, employees in the La Jolla UTC area have access to a wide array of world-class dining options.

3. Health and Fitness

With days of sunshine that make it easy to stay active year-round, it’s no secret that Southern California is a health mecca. Naturally, the employees who work at La Jolla UTC drive the demand for health and fitness amenities. Amenities like KINETIC fitness clubs and wellness centers, which provide all the necessities of a modern healthy lifestyle: access to classes, nutritional advice, a mobile app experience that helps coordinate workouts and bike sharing, as well as maps for a midday hike.

Surfboard storage, wetsuit drying rooms, and Scripps HealthExpress on-site health and medical clinic complete the picture-perfect example of health-oriented workplaces in La Jolla UTC.

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