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A thoughtfully planned workspace can give a business a strategic competitive advantage. It should be a reflection of a company’s brand, a tool for recruiting and retaining top talent, and optimized for the collaboration and productivity that propels a business forward. But companies can easily become overwhelmed during the workplace selection process.

As a broker, you play a vital role in guiding companies to the right workspace for their needs. Helping companies understand how these elements impact everything from employee wellness to business growth will ensure they select the right workplace for their company’s future success.

At Irvine Company, we’ve found that four essential design elements – outdoor workspace, floor plating, daylighting and sustainability – require careful consideration.

Photography of people enjoying The Commons, an outdoor workplace and gathering area, at Discovery Park in Irvine, CA

Outdoor Workspace

What it is: Shared outdoor gathering areas offer opportunities to work, meet, lounge, dine, play and connect with the entire workplace community.

What companies need to know: Outdoor workspace is most effective when it can be customized to meet a variety of needs. Consider how diverse seating arrangements and work-ready spaces equipped with TVs, WiFi and power strips will maximize space utility.

Interior office suite photography of one of the offices at The Launch in Irvine, CA


What it is: The architectural term for how natural light enters and diffuses through a workspace.

What companies need to know:
Consider how the use of glass walls and light shelves can promote more equitable daylight sharing and minimize operational lighting costs.

Customer suite photography of Auto Gravity at Sand Canyon Business Center - 15495 Sand Canyon Ave Suite 100, Irvine, CA

Floor Plating

What it is: The footprint of the space, which dictates your workspace layout and design options.

What companies need to know:
No two spaces with the same square footage are equal. From open floor plans to team rooms to nap pods, rectangular floor plates offer the greatest flexibility for  companies to customize their workspace.

Sustainability etched glass logos of LEED and Energy Star certifications as well as the Hybrid Electric Collection program at Irvine Company Office properties


What it is: Energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable building design, and Energy Star and LEED certifications.

What companies need to know:
Think beyond operational cost savings and consider other benefits, including employee wellness and employer branding. 

For a more in-depth look at these design elements, download our white paper “How to Select Your Next Workplace”.

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