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From high-end finishes to ambitious technology upgrades, Irvine Company invests in its workplaces in a way that only a forever owner can. As a broker, you understand the exceptional benefits of this commitment. Communicating the business value of revitalizations to clients, however, can be tricky. This is especially true for infrastructure and technology updates that don’t have the same immediate visual impact as a new lobby interior or outdoor workspace.

Here’s your guide to selling the value of “hidden” enhancements by focusing on four key business needs: talent, technology, productivity and operations.

The Business Need: Talent Retention.

An up-to-date workplace is the top driver of employee workplace satisfaction. In a survey of California decision makers, nearly 9 in 10 respondents said employers have a responsibility to provide an up-to-date workplace– placing the value of these updates above amenities like on-site food, fitness centers and interior design. While an updated workplace boosts employee satisfaction, an outdated workplace is a talent flight risk: 1 in 3 employees under age 45 would consider leaving an employer because of an outdated workplace.

Bottom line benefit: An up-to-date workplace is the top factor for employee satisfaction, positively impacting talent retention.

The Business Need: Fast, Reliable Connectivity

The next generation of cellular networks (5G) brings unprecedented speed, reliability and capacity for enhanced people-to-people, people-to-device and device-to-device communication. The new era of hyper-connectivity, along with edge computing, will change the way we interact with the world around us. To fully realize these benefits, however, today’s workplaces require substantial infrastructure investment, including fiber connectivity, upgraded wireless technology and sensors. Currently, the majority of Irvine Company workplaces are equipped with fiber, and all communities are scheduled to have fiber by the end of 2020. Additional connectivity enhancements, including open access networks, are in the pilot stages, comfortably positioning Irvine Company customers at the forefront of this critical connectivity advancement.

Bottom line benefit: Cutting-edge infrastructure delivers on the promise of 5G and continual improvement ensures companies won’t be stuck with outdated technology.

The Business Need: More Productive, Engaged Employees

Irvine Company is investing in new, on-demand services to meet customer expectations for speed and convenience. From Peloton equipment in KINETIC fitness centers to apps that let employees pre-order food from on-site cafes, these new offerings boost productivity by ensuring a frictionless work day. The newest on-demand offering, the Comfort Control App, is rolling out across the portfolio from 2019 to 2021. This app will let employees adjust temperature and lighting via smartphone, eliminating the number one employee workplace frustration.

Bottom line benefit: As demands on executive mindshare grow, on-demand services are a critical time saver and productivity booster, keeping employees focused on big-picture thinking.

The Business Need: Seamless Work Day Operations

Technology upgrades are improving predictive maintenance capabilities and minimizing business disruption. For example, portfolio-wide water leak detection and HVAC fault detection diagnose potential problems before they impact customers’ operations. Our engineers continue to walk buildings proactively, including our dedicated team that inspects 3,000 football fields worth of roofs on an ongoing basis.

Bottom line benefit: Proactively addressing maintenance concerns ensures a friction-free experience every work day.

At Irvine Company, continual improvement is part of our DNA. Backed by financially stable private ownership, we’re committed to keeping your clients on the cutting edge of what’s possible– ensuring what’s exceptional today is even more successful tomorrow.

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