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Forward-thinking businesses are exploring new options for integrating movement into the workplace, reimagining the future of corporate wellness programs. At Irvine Company, this starts with how we design our workplace communities. Our workplaces naturally integrate movement into the workday, making it easier for businesses to reap the benefits of an engaged, productive team.

Here’s how to help your clients understand the full value of our corporate wellness approach:

Communicate Benefits

A fitness center or basketball court, for example, is more than a nice amenity to show off during a workplace tour. For companies, it can be a tool for sparking innovation, increasing engagement and strengthening team camaraderie.

  • Productivity and engagement.  Regular exercise during work hours improves concentration, memory recall, learning speed, mental stamina and creativity. 
  • Camaraderie. When employees practice yoga together, join a morning walking group, or sweat it out to an on-demand workout, they’re interacting in a non-traditional work setting. Away from the stressors of work, employees bond with co-workers in a new way.
  • Employee retention. Strengthening employee engagement and camaraderie fosters a culture of cooperation and respect. This improves employee satisfaction and reduces turnover.

Share the Full Range of Offerings

Exercise doesn’t need to be limited to the gym. Opportunities for movement abound in our workplace communities:

  • Community Bikes. Bike to meetings, coffee or lunch with the exclusive Zagster bike share. Well situated docking stations are located throughout our workplace communities.
  • Hike and bike trails. Throughout Irvine, our workplaces are connected to hundreds of miles of nature trails. Being outside soothes the mind by reducing blood flow to the subgenual prefrontal cortex where anxious thinking occurs, clearing the way for fresh ideas.
  • Walking meetings. There’s no such thing as being too busy to reap the benefits of being more active. Customers can skip the team room and take their next meeting outside.

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