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What the on-demand workplace revolution means for your customers: top amenities and experiences.

From Uber to Postmates to Netflix, we’re living in an on-demand world. Now, new amenities are bringing these on-demand experiences to the workplace. From the prompt delivery of freshly-prepared meals to on-demand exercise classes, employees expect fast, simple and efficient experiences.

Irvine Company commissioned an independent research study to better understand which on-demand offerings have the greatest business benefit. Our findings reveal an exciting opportunity for companies to maximize workplace ROI and gain an edge in today’s competitive talent market.

The right on-demand offerings and amenities can yield significant gains for talent recruitment, productivity and employee engagement. Here’s how four new amenities bring the benefits of the on-demand workplace to Orange County:

Al Fresco. Opening in January 2020, variety meets proximity at Al Fresco, a unique outdoor dining experience at Discovery Park. A rotating menu of fresh, locally-sourced favorites will be available Monday – Friday for lunch.

The ROI benefit: Notifications about food offerings and menus have one of the greatest impacts on employee productivity and can help them save time when deciding what and where to eat. 64% of survey respondents say eblasts like those offered by Al Fresco would make them more productive.

Arriving January 2020

Herb & Ranch. Opening soon at UCI Research Park, Herb & Ranch is a micro food hall from celebrity chef Brian Malarkey that’s part of a new wave of sophisticated workplace dining experiences. Blending a contemporary farmhouse design with a Southern California vibe, Herb & Ranch is adjacent to The Commons at UCI Research Park — a 1-acre, open-air venue — for the ultimate in outdoor dining.

The ROI benefit: In today’s competitive market, retaining young talent in leadership positions – a company’s rising stars – is a critical business imperative. When asked to rank the impact of different workplace offerings on employer satisfaction, rising stars chose high-quality on-site food, like Herb & Ranch, as the most important offering. 75% of survey respondents say high quality food greatly increases their satisfaction with their employer.

Rendering of Herb & Ranch, an upcoming dining option for customers at UCI Research Park in Irvine, CA
Arriving Fall 2019

All-Access KINETIC™. Soon, select Irvine Company customers will enjoy complimentary “All-Access” privileges to our tech-forward KINETIC fitness centers. Customers can choose from any of eight different KINETICs in Irvine and Newport Beach. On-demand exercise classes and spa-like changing facilities let employees workout on their schedule, whether that’s a midday refresher, a morning energizer or after-hours session.

The ROI benefit: The workday has moved beyond a standard 9 to 5, and top talent expects to be able to meet their need for physical fitness on their schedule. 63% of survey respondents say on-demand exercise classes make them more productive, relieving workplace stress and clearing the way for fresh ideas.

Lifestyle photography of the entrance to a KINETIC fitness center

Booster Fuels. On-demand conveniences like Booster Fuels delivery, along with car detailing and dry cleaning, help the workplace feel more like an all-inclusive resort than an office building.

The ROI benefit: As demands on executive mindshare grow, the opportunity to resolve small errands without leaving the office is a valuable time saver and productivity booster. When daily needs are met instantly, this frees valuable mindshare for big-picture thinking.

Booster, fuel on demand gas delivery service for your vehicle

In the age of flex schedules and remote work, the hallmark of an effective workplace environment is one where employees who don’t have to be there still choose to be there. It’s a place where co-workers linger over happy hour drinks, new connections are made at pitch night and daily needs are met instantly, freeing valuable mindshare for big-picture thinking. The right on-demand offerings and amenities are critical to creating this environment that drives productivity, engagement and business success.

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