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With average employee tenure falling below two years, California companies are locked in a battle for top talent. To better understand the role the workplace plays in talent retention across key San Diego industries such as finance, law and technology, Irvine Company launched an independent investigation. Our findings reveal the surprisingly strong impact that workplace features and property upkeep have on employee quality of life and employer satisfaction.

The Top 5 Workplace Features That Matter Most to San Diego Talent

As a broker, here’s how you can use this information to help companies choose a Del Mar Heights workplace that will be a competitive advantage for talent recruitment and retention.

1. An up-to-date workplace.
Why it matters for companies: Nearly nine in 10 employees think their employer has a responsibility to provide an up-to-date workplace. One out of three employees under 45 would consider leaving an employer because of an outdated workplace.

The Irvine Company difference: At Irvine Company, continual improvement is part of our DNA. Consistent reinvestments – like the recently completely outdoor space enhancements for Gateway at Torrey Hills – ensure workspace only gets better over the course of a company’s lease.

2. High-quality food on site.
Why it matters for companies: Variety, quality and accessibility are key: 90% of respondents say high-quality food on-site improves their employer satisfaction and 44% of respondents say high-quality food improves their productivity.

The Irvine Company difference: Irvine Company is bringing creative solutions, like rotating food trucks, to Del Mar workplaces. Bistro 24, at Gateway at Torrey Hills, offers a craft coffee station and healthy grab-and-go meals.

3. On-site fitness center.
Why it matters for companies: The workday has moved beyond a standard 9 to 5, and top San Diego talent expects to be able to meet their need for physical fitness on their schedule.

The Irvine Company difference: Del Mar Heights workplaces like Paseo del Mar offer on-demand exercise classes and spa-like changing facilities, so employees can squeeze in a midday workout or morning energizer.

4. Outdoor work and recreation space.
Why it matters for companies: The opportunity to work outside or even take a short break is a critical offering: 90% of respondents say outdoor space improves their daily quality of life.

The Irvine Company difference: We design outdoor space to foster collaboration, community and productivity. Township 14, for example, offers shaded workstations with comfortable lounge furniture, ideal for team breakout sessions.

5. Proximity to shopping, dining and recreation.
Why it matters for companies: An employee’s “total commute time” is more than how long it takes to travel to and from the office; it’s the sum of all the time spent in transit as the result of a workplace’s location, on-site offerings and nearby amenities.

The Irvine Company difference: Access and convenience are paramount. A free shuttle service connects Del Mar Heights workplaces with the Del Mar Highlands Town Center for shopping and dining. Business leaders benefit from easy access to world-famous Torrey Pines golf course, ideal for a round of golf with clients or hosting company-wide events.

Del Mar Heights workplaces are designed to drive productivity, engagement and business success. For more on the Del Mar Heights competitive advantage, visit

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