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Quality perks in an office building are more than just a simple additive to the workplace; they are the offerings that make the workday smoother and people’s lives easier. At Irvine Company Chicago, we are always looking for ways to improve the vibrant workplace communities we create. And while we learn every day from the customers in our buildings, we also leverage valuable data about preferences and priorities to shape our understanding of what matters most to our customers.

In a proprietary survey conducted in February 2019, we asked 500+ Chicago office-workers from 21 to 55+ who spend 75% or more of their time working in an office building questions about building amenities and perks that already do — or could — improve the daily quality of their lives in the workplace. Here are some highlights from our research:

  1. The major differences in attitudes and priorities related to workplace amenities show up across age groups. The industries people work in, or the departments within their companies, don’t have an impact on workers’ priorities.
  2. In general, the 25-34 age group sees the greatest value in onsite workplace amenities.
  3. 86% of all respondents believe workplaces are responsible for promoting sustainability initiatives.
  4. Of the 8 amenities presented to survey respondents, the Top 5 amenities for all ages are Shorter Commute, Fresh + Up-to-Date Workspace, Quality Food,  Comfortable Lounges + Gathering Spaces and Fitness Center. What does this tell us about Chicago workers?

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