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Calling all Orange County disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs – Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator is now accepting applications for its Fall 2017 session! EvoNexus is a non-profit technology incubator and hub designed to accelerate the growth, staying power and marketability of startups through a variety of dynamic resources.Typically lasting from 18 to 24-months, this one-of-a-kind program puts startups on the path to long-term growth, sustainability and success through a multitude of resources and mentorship opportunities. The spacious, state-of-the-art accommodations at The Vine OC, provided by Irvine Company, equip EvoNexus participants with access to 10,000 square feet of open concept floorplans, including a lab space for research. With financial backing from global technology and life science corporations, EvoNexus participants benefit from workspace, resources and connections without relinquishing equity.

EvoNexus startups have raised a total of $1.3 billion in funding, with 74% of EvoNexus startups receiving funding while incubating. Eighteen EvoNexus startups have also been acquired. At The Vine OC, the incubator is making strides in the world of technology, launching startups that specialize in a variety of services, from power management to medicine. Located at the epicenter of UCI Research Park, The Vine offers rare access to both the state’s leading STEM university and is surrounded by some of the world’s most inventive companies including Toshiba, Cisco and Intel. Here are a few shining examples of startup success from EvoNexus Irvine.

EvoNexus grad AGGIOS changed power management as we know it, developing technology that directly impacts how electronic devices operate and conserve energy. The brainchild behind AGGIOS began at University of California, Irvine’s California Plug Load Research Center and, from there, the company was accepted into the EvoNexus program, conveniently located just minutes away from campus at The Vine OC. While incubating at EvoNexus, AGGIOS expanded the scope of its software-defined power management products, specially designed to maximize the battery life and eco-friendliness of outlets and plug-in devices. EvoNexus gave AGGIOS the leading-edge professional resources it needed to secure seed-stage funding and, since incubation, the tech startup has secured $2 million in funding. “Apply for the EvoNexus incubation program,” says AGGIOS CEO and Co-Founder Vojin Zivojnovic. “You’ll receive invaluable feedback about your business idea and if selected, you will be introduced to the right investors and partners. Additionally, companies accepted to EvoNexus maintain ownership and are not required to give away any equity.”

2. Zelegant
Operating under the slogan “Silence is Healthy,” Zelegant offers a breakthrough solution to an ailment that affects over 20 percent of the adult population — snoring. In the past, snoring has been treated with invasive and uncomfortable methods of treatment, but, with Zelegant, this condition can be solved with a five-minute, in-office procedure. Getting accepted into the EvoNexus program proved to be a huge stepping stone for Zelegant, as it allowed the company to attract the attention of high-profile marketing experts who guided Zelegant through a rebranding initiative. Equipped with a solid marketing strategy and compelling messaging, Zelegant was able to secure $2.7 million in funding since completing the EvoNexus program and they plan to begin commercial sales in 2018.

3. PhageTech, Inc.
Founded in 2014 by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, PhageTech, Inc. is revolutionizing healthcare with fast-acting, highly accurate diagnostic screening technology. This diagnostic platform relies on “bacteriophage,” or viruses that infect bacteria, to quickly and effectively detect diseases, such as prostate cancer and kidney disease, in their early stages. PhageTech’s sensors present a real solution to global healthcare and have the potential to save lives while keeping medical costs as low as possible. This technology is also portable and easy to operate, allowing patient results to be clearly read using a smartphone app and securely shared via cloud-based software. Working with EvoNexus allowed PhageTech, Inc. to transform game-changing research into a marketable business model and, since incubation, the healthcare tech company has received a whopping $2.8 million in funding.

If you’re interested in turning your big idea into a thriving business, apply for EvoNexus Irvine’s Fall 2017 program! Click here to apply.

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