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Could Advertising Make Uber Free?

February 25, 2016


Earning it’s spot as one of the most successful startups of our time, Uber has now raised over $8.8 Billion in funding. While all startups and the entrepreneurs running them aim to be as successful, a steep growth curve can be a blessing and a curse. As one of the individuals tasked with keeping the company growing, Andrew Chen, head of driver acquisition programs, is sharing his thoughts on what ad-supported Uber rides might look like. Not only will rides be cheaper for passengers, but a powerful marketing platform would emerge for businesses looking for new ways to engage with the public. Is the potential upside worth the risk to Uber’s customer experience? Read more and get inspired to think through what an advertising model could mean for your business!


This is what free, ad-supported Uber rides might look like. Mockups, economics, and analysis 

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