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Making it to the gym isn’t always easy. It takes motivation, time and dedication to fit regular exercise into your daily routine. According to Nielson, 36 percent of regular exercisers participate in group fitness, with options like yoga and pilates leading the way in popularity. Of those surveyed, the majority of participants seek out group fitness classes because it creates a fun environment for their exercise routine. More specifically, guests enjoy the “great music,” “motivation” and structured exercise style that group fitness classes provide.

Offering high-energy workouts with convenient class times, it’s no wonder that group fitness classes are a popular way to fit in some exercise during the workweek. Joining a group of friends for a little exercise can be that motivating factor that gets you in the gym during a busy day at the office. One of the best parts of participating in group fitness classes is the variety – there are an array of exciting group fitness classes to choose from that cater to every experience level and workout style. So, where do you start? KINETIC®, fueled by Irvine Company, is a workplace fitness and wellness movement that supports a healthy, socially engaging and balanced lifestyle. On the KINETIC app, you can find a lengthy list of fitness classes at your workplace to match your schedule and exercise preferences.


On those extra stressful workdays, sometimes you just need an excuse to rest, relax and unwind. Yoga is the perfect group workout for those who want to exercise the mind and body. Many big-name brands, including Nike and Apple, actively promote yoga classes in the workplace as it provides a retreat from office stressors. In addition to being an effective stress reliever, yoga also enhances productivity levels and concentration. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Healthindicated that just 20 minutes of yoga followed by meditation and deep breathing can boost productivity scores. For those who want to squeeze some yoga into their daily routine, select KINETIC locations offer Lunchtime Yoga sessions. You can sign up for your next group yoga class using the KINETIC app, available for iPhone and Android.


Have a case of the Monday blues? Spice up your workday with an exhilarating spin class! Fast, exciting and set to a lively soundtrack, spin classes will get your energy up while burning anywhere between 400 and 600 calories per session! Cycling provides a high-intensity cardio workout that improves heart health, heightens endurance and builds strength. Plus, spin instructors are often trained to interact with the crowd to promote a positive, supportive and motivational environment. This awesome workout will boost endorphins, leaving you elated, stress-free and ready to take on the rest of your workday. If you prefer exercising outdoors, KINETIC also hosts bike share events that get people up and out into the world as they cycle around the local area. To find out more about KINETIC’s Zagster bike share program, check out the KINETIC app.


If you’re ready to take your group fitness class to the next level, consider enrolling in a workout bootcamp. With a focus on team-based strength and circuit training, bootcamps often include a variety of workouts that target multiple muscle groups while keeping things interesting. Bootcamps promote team-building through exercise and these values are often ones that can be used outside the gym. When you succeed, your partner also succeeds, and these experiences kickstart morale and motivation. Bring this confidence with you to the workplace, and you’ll be sure to overcome any challenge that stands in your way!


Break up your workday with a social and engaging Zumba class! Combining hip-hop, samba, salsa and other types of dance, Zumba gets people moving with a combination of cardio and strength training. Perfect for every experience level, these dynamic classes are taught by a Zumba expert who teach specially choreographed moves. If you’re interested in getting your energy up in these one-of-a-kind dance classes, be sure to check the KINETIC app and sign up for a session at your local KINETIC fitness center.

Catering to a range of experience levels, schedules, and exercise styles, group fitness classes are a great option for those who want to work smart and live well. KINETIC hosts a variety of group fitness classes that will keep you energized and motivated throughout your workday. If you’re interested in registering for a group fitness class at your Irvine Company Office Property, you can sign-up using the KINETIC app. Click here to learn more.SHARE

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