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With spring comes a great opportunity to talk to your physician about a spring checkup. A visit to a qualified healthcare professional is an ideal starting point to getting insightful advice that will help you put your health and wellness goals into action.

If you are working at an Irvine Company Office Property that has on-site wellness, such as Newport CenterJamboree Center or The Plaza, you can make an appointment or just walk-in for an appointment with a qualified medical professional, without having to disrupt your workday by leaving the office!

Still on the fence? Here are our the top 5 reasons your KINETIC team recommends scheduling a spring checkup!

4 Reasons to Schedule your Spring Checkup

  • A qualified healthcare professional can conduct a standard screening int the time it takes to take a lunch break that will empower you with invaluable information about your overall health.
  • A wellness checkup is an opportunity to review the choices you’re making for your health. If you’re looking to start a new exercise plan, like the KINETIC Miles For March Challenge, for example, your physician should review it with you. Use this as an opportunity to discuss additional steps you may need to customize a fitness plan that is right for you.
  • In addition to the choices you’re making to achieve your fitness goals, you can also address any necessary changes to your diet. A checkup is also a good time to seek nutrition advice to empower your journey toward optimal health and wellness.
  • Physical examinations are also an excellent time to to ensure you have the knowledge and insight necessary to consider prevention and screening options. You will discuss family history as well as your current health, and depending on your age and physical condition, your physician may recommend starting the process of annual screenings, weigh the benefits and risks of such procedures and more.

Fully armed with advice from a health professional, the KINETIC offerings at your workplace community including this month’s 21 day challenge, walking routes, and private fitness centers, make it easier than ever to make strides toward making health and wellness a priority during your workday.

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