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For all of us here at KINETIC, it has been a truly fantastic experience seeing our new fitness centers come to life while helping our Irvine Company customers set and meet their fitness and wellness goals.

This week, we wanted to showcase one of our newest KINETIC offerings – the private fitness center at Irvine Business Center. We took some time to ask the team at Irvine Business Center for more details about their KINETIC, to give our users some in-depth detail about the many advantages at this location!


  • What does the KINETIC Fitness Center at Irvine Business Center offer?
    • Treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bicycles for cardio

    • FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross for weight training

    • TRX Suspension Training for resistance and weight training

    • Showers, dressing areas and day-use lockers

    • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Does Irvine Business Center’s KINETIC offer Group Fitness Classes?
    Yes, we offer Lunchtime Yoga every Friday from 12:05 pm – 12:45 pm. The CRC team is also looking into providing other classes, like boot camp.
  • What other KINETIC offerings are available at Irvine Business Center?
    The first offering we tell all of our users about is the KINETIC App (available in the App Store or Google Play), where they can download class schedules and have everything on their phone. In addition, we have walking maps of the property and a bike share program. Irvine Business Center will also be releasing a fitness loop as part of our property amenities.
  • What are the KINETIC users saying at Irvine Business Center?
    “The new fitness center is so great! This is yet another great feature of this business park; and I’m so happy Irvine Company is making this commitment!” – Sherri Davis, VP of Human Resources, Accurate Background

    At Irvine Business Center, the CRC team is constantly hearing how much our customers love our KINETIC Fitness Center. They love how much time they can save now that they don’t have to leave the property to get in a workout.

  • Do you plan to host any fitness or wellness events now that the KINETIC Fitness Center has opened?
    May of 2017 will be the first-ever Summer Fitness Challenge at Irvine Business Center.

    For the entire month of May, Irvine Business Center will host 2-3 workouts weekly for our customers. Everything will be available to them onsite. For example, one of the daily workouts will be to use the bike share program to rent a bike and ride around the campus 3 times. Another workout will be to use the KINETIC walking maps to find a route they want to take around the building twice. Finally, they will have an option to select a group fitness class of their choice. We also look forward to utilizing the monthly challenge features of the KINETIC App for Squat Challenges, 5K training and more!

  • What are your favorite things about KINETIC?
    We love the appealing and inspirational messages inside, and the music that’s played inside the fitness center and locker rooms really give it a cool, active and exciting vibe.

With all of this to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals, why aren’t you stopping by your Customer Resource Center or your property’s KINETIC Fitness Center today? In fact, we want to see how you use KINETIC at your Irvine Company Office workplace community, so share with us by using the hashtags #DoKINETIC and #SpringIntoAction.

Don’t forget to download the KINETIC App in the App Store or Google Play to get moving this month with KINETIC!

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