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Spring is here! We’ve got sunshine, flowers blooming, the spring holidays and a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning at home and at work.

At KINETIC, we know you’ve been working hard all year on your fitness. But a big part of the KINETIC movement is wellness, which is of course more than just getting in shape. We want you to use KINETIC to keep tabs on your health, and love to give you opportunities to work on your mental wellness too. 

Today we want to talk about spring cleaning for your workplace, and some tips for what you can do to remove the clutter from your office or bring in some green to your work area. Did you know, that having a cluttered desk or workspace can literally derail your focus? Even the desktop of your computer can become a place where clutter goes to distract and detract from work that you have to complete. Or more importantly, that by having a plant or a tree in the office can lower stress levels? Yep, it’s been proven in studies!

Armed with this information, we want to offer you four of our most vital tips for decluttering your space and even bringing in some spring time for your workplace and workspace spring cleaning.

Clear out your Inbox
Getting a handle on your inbox, which can sometime feel as if it’s overrun with emails, is a phenomenal way to get back on track with a spring refresh. A lot of people ascribe to the philosophy of Inbox Zero, where the concepts creator references medical triage concepts as a way to keep your inbox under control.

Put a Plant at your Desk
Research has proven that putting a plant at your desk can have the following effects: clean the air around your workspace, lower your stress by over 30% and increase your productivity. With just these examples, why would you not consider adding some vegetation to your desk space? If you’re worried about having a black thumb that can’t even keep a pet rock alive, have no fear. We offer you this infographic as a research aide. It will help you find the plant that’s needs are ideal for your workspace and your skill level of keeping plants alive.

Create a Workspace you Want to be at
As the trends in workplace design are moving towards open spaces and lots of light, it’s a perfect opportunity to remove the clutter from your space. In fact, scientists have found that physical clutter can have a negative effect on a person’s ability to focus. Basically, clutter distracts you and limits your brain’s information processing because there are too many things requiring awareness. Install a new way of organizing your desk, inbox and more. Watch the productivity increase and flow!

Literally Clean Up your Cubicle
It’s as simple as grabbing a packet of cleaning wipes or a spray bottle of surface cleaner and some paper towels. Aside from refreshing the surface and removing any sort of germs that may have settled in, it’s going to clean the surface from the remnants of that spilled coffee or your toast crumbs from breakfast. It’s important to actually do a surface clean frequently, just to keep your space spic and span.

Share your spring cleaning at work stories with us using the hashtag #SpringIntoAction and tell us your tips to clean out the clutter! Once your desk is clear, download the KINETIC App in the App Store or Google Play to get moving with KINETIC at your Irvine Company Office Property!

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