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When the weather warms up, there’s nothing like getting outside for a little exercise. Luckily, there are plenty of workout ideas that activate the body and provide an excellent workout while  embracing the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Even better, outdoor exercise has been proven to lower stress and boost mental health, promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. Researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University have linked daily workouts with higher productivity, better time management and more effective communication. Employees who exercise during the workday go home feeling more satisfied.

If you have a busy schedule, you’re in luck – one of the best parts of exercising outdoors is that you rarely have to go far from your Irvine Company Office to work up a sweat. Some of the best hiking, biking, yoga and more could be a stone’s throw from your workplace! Here is our list of outdoor exercise ideas that will help you stay healthy, happy and productive in the workplace and beyond.


Immersing yourself in a vibrant green space can quickly heighten self-esteem and overall mood. No matter where you work, chances are a picturesque trail isn’t too far away. In fact, La Jolla in San Diego provides some of the best hiking California has to offer! La Jolla UTC offices are located just minutes away from Torrey Pines, a beachfront spot with trails for both beginner and experienced hikers.

If you’re at Fox Plaza in Century City or Westwood Gateway in West Los Angeles, you don’t have to brave Hollywood traffic to find excellent hiking trails. Shaded by trees, Fryman Canyon Hiking Trail near Studio City is a dog-friendly trail that showcases plenty of gorgeous scenery.

Jamboree Center, Irvine Towers and Irvine Business Center are near quite a few hiking destinations in Irvine, like historic Bommer Canyon and Jeffrey Open Space Trail. Venture north and you will find plenty of hiking opportunities in Silicon Valley, like the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail located minutes away from Santa Clara Square®.


After a long day, we all need time to relax and reflect. Taking your workout to the waterfront for some some kayaking is a great way to balance mind and body. Kayaking not only presents an excellent workout that engages the entire body, it also offers a relaxing opportunity to unwind as you immerse yourself in the scenery. La Jolla Cove is the place for kayaking near La Jolla UTC. Symphony Towers in Downtown San Diego is a short drive from Coronado Island, where outdoor enthusiasts can kayak near the Embarcadero.

Speaking of the beach, Orange County has some of the best beaches around! Newport Beach offices like Newport Center are lucky enough to be minutes away from Balboa Island where kayakers can explore crystal clear canals and bays.

Travelling to the Midwest, 71 South Wacker, One North Wacker and 300 North La Salle employees in Chicago can find plenty of kayaking opportunities on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.


Looking for exercise that will get your heart racing during a quick lunch break? Go for a bike ride! Whether you’re exploring a trail or a city street, cycling is an effective way to boost your energy for the day ahead while building lean muscle. Plus, it’s a great way to get from place-to-place in a pinch, so next time you need to run a quick errand, consider reaching for your helmet instead of your car keys with the KINETIC bike share program.

Centerside in Mission Valley is positioned near the San Diego River Bicycle and Pedestrian Path, which runs along the San Diego River. Here, you can observe the many species of birds that call this trail home while getting some much-needed exercise. La Jolla also offers a variety of bike paths, including Bird Rock Bike Path and Rose Canyon Bicycle Path.

Fox Plaza and Westwood Gateway employees looking for something off the beaten path can explore Elyria Canyon Park for rustic mountain biking trails. Newport Beach, CA, also comprises stunning bicycle trails, like the Mountains to the Sea Trail and Bikeway that runs across the picturesque wetlands of Upper Newport Bay.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

If you work near the water, chances are you’ve seen paddle boarders steering their way toward an amazing workout. In addition to providing a scenic way to unwind and refocus, paddle boarding is also a great group exercise. Before you plan your next happy hour, consider inviting your friends to a sunset paddle boarding session. This sport caters to beginners and experts, so everyone can have fun while getting their fitness in.

With its variety of nearby beaches and bays, San Diego and Orange County attracts paddle boarders far and wide. Newport Beach, La Jolla and Downtown San Diego are especially close to perfect paddle boarding hubs where the water is smooth and tranquil. That said, you don’t necessarily have to live by the beach to get your paddle board on! Lake Michigan in Chicago is a popular paddle boarding locale that is a short visit from 71 South Wacker, One North Wacker and 300 North La Salle offices.

Yoga in the Park

During a busy workday, staying centered is a must. That’s why many turn to yoga as a way to unwind while staying active. A popular and convenient outdoor exercise option, yoga in the park classes can be found in many communities. Blending peaceful, natural scenery with balancing, strengthening postures, yoga in the park is the perfect combination of exercise and meditation.

Regular exercise is essential to working smart and living well. If you need a quick exercise break, consider getting outside for your next workout. From the beaches of Orange County to Chicago’s green spaces to the scenic trails of Silicon Valley, there are a variety of outdoor exercises to choose from in every city. For more ways to enhance your lifestyle, download the KINETIC App for iPhone or Android.

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