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It may be time to open up your workplace to a collaborative, coworking experience. As research continues to shed light on ergonomics and office design, shared work environments have proven to greatly benefit businesses. Looking at examples like the Google Garage, a “hacker maker design space” that employees describe as more of a playground than an office space. Google created this space to eliminate hierarchy and encourage a sense of playfulness, which many at the company believe supports a happier and more fruitful work environment.

At The Vine, we also believe businesses thrive in dynamic, collaborative work environments. Like Google, we support entrepreneurship and innovation with bright, energetic spaces and flourishing professional networks. As experts in the field, we understand the power of an adaptable layout that can shift and change as your business grows. For more on the benefits of collaborative workplace design, check out the list below.

1.   It Supports Big Ideas
So you’ve come up with the next disruptor in the world of tech, but you have no idea what to do with it. When you work in a shared workspace, you have the luxury of being surrounded by other companies who can provide key insight into your business model. If you’re looking for someone in the industry to brainstorm with or need some feedback on a presentation, shared work environments provide quick and easy access to other entrepreneurs and corporate executives with valuable knowledge. At The Vine, seed-stage entrepreneurs instantly join a community of like-minded innovators and corporate executives who can provide insight into your business strategy. Our collaborative workspaces offer plenty of shared space for you to do the deep-dive into your next big idea. “The most valuable thing about The Vine is having a mix of people and companies that can potentially add value to each other,” says Blossom Cofounder and CEO and The Vine community member Manrique Brenes. “We found partners to help with accounting, finding a warehouse, the guys next door have a 3D printer and when we had a need for that technology they did it for us. It’s also so useful to exchange notes with other founders, to trade references, make introductions, and overall support each other.”

2.   It Creates Community
At The Vine, we call ourselves an entrepreneurial ecosystem because it’s just that – a complex network of people and ideas that prosper in a vibrant workplace environment. Instilling a sense of community is a crucial component of office culture, contributing to overall feelings of camaraderie and well-being among employees. According to research compiled by Gallup, having friends at the workplace makes people happy. Not surprising, sure, but this research indicated that friendship in the workplace drastically impacts employee loyalty and commitment to their role. According to the research, employees who reported having a best friend at work were 43 percent more likely to report having received praise for their work in the last seven days. Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed felt that someone at work encouraged their development. Twenty-seven percent noted that their brand’s mission made them feel as though their job was important. These feelings of satisfaction and purpose create community, enhance feelings of trust and root company culture in positivity, personal growth and productivity.

3.   It Gets People Thinking Differently
We’ve all heard the old saying “think outside the box,” but very rarely are workplaces designed to satisfy that mantra. Just like Google Garage, many companies are leaning on shared workspaces to heighten creativity. Airbnb’s San Francisco office, designed by Gensler, offers light-filled, open concept spaces filled with vibrant artwork and eye-catching interiors. As an international company, it is only appropriate that Airbnb’s offices reflect that multicultural ethos. Each room is inspired by a famous Airbnb listing and employees can experience the brand’s history by simply exploring the building. At every corner, employees can discover unique, creative spaces, which adds to the diversity, excitement and experiential quality of the space. “I’ve met some extremely experienced people who helped shape the vision of what we’re doing, and navigate potential pitfalls,” says Upcycle CEO and The Vine community member Jared Criscuolo. At the Vine, we believe in stirring the senses with expansive floorplans that offer the room needed to make your creative vision to a reality.  

4.   It is Convenient
When you run an industrious startup, you never know when you’ll need to host a brainstorming session, schedule a conference call or arrange an impromptu meeting. The beauty of shared workspaces is that all of these resources are all available under one roof. For example, The Vine offers plenty of seating and nooks perfect for quick and easy collaboration. In addition, The Vine supplies entrepreneurs with the latest in office technology to ensure they meet the demands of a booming startup economy.

5.   You’re the Boss
One of the best parts of working in a shared space is freedom of experience. These spaces give you control over any number of factors that can be altered to meet your unique needs. At The Vine, we provide you with everything you need to succeed – you decide where, when, why and how you use these resources. Plus, our move-in ready layouts that can be customized with a wide variety of features, so, as you company accelerates, your office can accelerate with you.

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