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Looking for new ways to work smart and live well? A bike share program provides an effective and engaging way to promote physical health and overall productivity in the workplace. Irvine Company Office has partnered with Zagster to give employees access to free bike share services. As the largest and fastest-growing bike share provider in the United States, you can find Zagster in cities, universities and office campuses across the country. Zagster gives riders the unique opportunity to hop on a bike at any given moment, making it perfect for quick exercise breaks or commuting from meeting to meeting.
How Does It Work?

Zagster is a free service that caters to select Irvine Company Office Properties, including several locations in Santa Clara, San Diego and Irvine. Prior to renting a bike, employees must download the Zagster app (available for iPhone and Android), which gives users the ability to unlock a bike from the rack. Although rules may vary according to location, most riders can use a bike free of charge for up to four hours, after which riders must pay $1 for every extra hour. Once the rider is ready to return the bike, he or she simply checks the bike back into a local Zagster kiosk.
Why Use a Bike Share Program?

Building workplace culture around an active lifestyle has many benefits. In addition to promoting physical benefits, like lower blood pressure and reduced risk of diabetes, daily workouts can make a huge impact on workplace performance. A study featured in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine directly linked moderate physical activity with better quality of work and overall efficiency while on the job. Cardiorespiratory exercise, especially, was proven to heighten productivity and workflow. Another study, this time conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, showed that workers who engaged in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day noted improved time management skills and mental performance. Participants were also less likely to get fatigued during the midday slump and even mentioned a boost in mood as well as lower stress levels, all of which contribute to a more productive and efficient workplace.

According to the 2016 Principal Financial Well-Being Index of American Workers, nearly half of the employees surveyed listed health care costs as a primary concern going into the new year. In response to this growing desire to work smart and live well, Irvine Company Office is making on-site fitness centers, group fitness classes and wellness centers more readily available. Bike share programs, like Zagster, help workers keep up with demanding schedules while staying healthy and active. For those on-the-go, bike share programs make getting to meetings faster and easier than ever. According to data provided by Zagster, bikes get riders moving three times faster than walking or taking a shuttle. Plus, using a bike can help employees save on fuel costs, contributing to a more ecofriendly and cost-effective work environment.

Looking outside the realm of physical wellness, biking can also work wonders for mental health among employees. Outdoor exercise has proven to have a direct correlation with higher energy levels and greater feelings of positivity, as well as an overall decrease in negative emotions like tension, confusion, anger and depression. Daily aerobic exercise, including cycling, has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression while enhancing cognitive function, memory, mood and motivation. With a better mental outlook comes more confidence, mental alertness and self-esteem, all of which can contribute to success in the workplace.

If you’re interested in working smart and living well, bike share programs can provide that much-needed combination of physical and mental wellness. For more tips on integrating health into the workday, check out KINETIC, a workplace wellness movement by Irvine Company.

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