The Surprising Thing Companies Overlook When Selecting Office Space

August 23, 2018

When considering new workspace, it’s easy for companies to focus solely on cost-per-square foot, an endless amenity list, or a prestigious address and overlook the value of exceptional customer service. But these small interactions – the lobby ambassador who knows your name, an in-house barista who knows your order, a dry cleaning service that has your suit ready ahead of schedule – are what elevates the daily work experience.

As a broker, helping customers understand the day-to-day benefits of exceptional service can be a challenge during the leasing process. You’re tasked with selling a customer on an experience rather than an amenity that can be easily viewed or a cost that can be measured.

For Irvine Company’s Chicago Collection, everyone from our lobby ambassadors to engineering staff are part of the same attentive team. Here’s how you can help customers better understand the value of this seamless service partnership:

  1. Proactively anticipating customer needs. Small concerns that detract from a customer’s main focus can quickly become major sources of friction in the workday. Our teams eliminate this friction by staying one step ahead. Whether that’s having an executive’s coffee order ready each afternoon or proactively booking the conference center for a company’s quarterly board meeting or sending flowers and making dinner plans for Valentine’s Day, we handle the small details so companies can stay focused on the big picture.
  2. Responding to maintenance needs in 30 minutes or less. From immediate service requests to long-term consultative strategy, our specialized teams serve as an extension of our customers’ organizations. Our engineering team responds to work orders with an industry-leading response time of 30 minutes or less, minimizing business disruption. Our leasing team is on call to consult on growth planning and our in-house construction and design teams can assist with the customization or update of a workspace.
  3. Genuine hospitality that goes the extra mile. In a world dominated by screens, genuine human connection matters. Authentic moments – like a lobby ambassador who meets an Uber with an open umbrella when it’s raining – elevate the everyday.

Learn more about the exceptional service at the heart of the Irvine Company’s Chicago Collection: