La Jolla UTC: Intentionally Designed for Wellness

April 24, 2018

Workplace wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry, but what’s the truth behind the hype? At Irvine Company, we believe in a 360-degree approach to wellness that starts with a thoughtful, intentional approach to workplace design. Research clearly shows that a well-designed workplace can positively impact an employee’s physical and mental health, affecting engagement, productivity, and creativity.

Three elements are key to workplace wellness design: workstation flexibility, outdoor access, and movement opportunities

La Jolla UTC’s Vibrant Workplace Communities™ in San Diego are intentionally designed to maximize the impact of these critical elements:

1. More options, more control

Workstation flexibility is the perceived level of control an employee has over his or her physical environment. When people feel that they have control and decision-making ability, they are much more effective and productive. They’re empowered to take a mental health break, hit the gym for a quick midday workout, or take the team outside for a brainstorming session.

What we do:

All our La Jolla UTC communities are intentionally designed to empower choice. Whether that’s Wi-Fi equipped outdoor space for collaborative team work, a sun-filled indoor nook for quiet concentration, or an outdoor trail for a walking meeting, thoughtful options abound.



2. Seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity

Research shows that a single, 10-minute outdoor break each day can boost employee productivity and engagement. Regular outdoor access is also important for exposing employees to natural light and countering the fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches associated with long-term artificial light exposure. 

What we do:

La Jolla UTC brings the best of Coastal California to the workplace. At The Plaza, for example, work-ready outdoor spaces provide a range of options for individual and team interactions. Strategic shading prevents screen glare and access to power strips and WiFi maximize team productivity. The Plaza’s lush, park-like setting and relaxing water features offer an inviting space to relax and draw inspiration from nature when brainstorming the next big idea.



3. Integrate movement into each day

Regular exercise during work hours improves concentration, memory recall, and mental stamina, as well as enhancing creativity. Plus, when employees practice yoga together, go on a morning walk, or jump into an on-demand workout, they’re bonding in a non-traditional work setting– creating new opportunities for idea exchange and collaboration.

What we do:

Eastgate, La Jolla Center, La Jolla Gateway, La Jolla Square, One La Jolla Center, and The Plaza all offer on-site, state-of-the-art KINETIC fitness centers. But the options don’t end there– outdoor running paths, bike share and on-demand exercise classes make it easy to be active each day. Eastgate’s sand volleyball court, basketball court and putting green bring the whole team together for outdoor activity.


When companies choose a La Jolla UTC workplace community, they’re also making a powerful value statement to their employees. Research finds that even if employees do not actively utilize corporate wellness offerings like an on-site fitness center or health screening, simply providing these offerings can improve employee productivity, thanks to increased job satisfaction, gratitude, and reciprocity. At Irvine Company, we call this wellness by design – and it’s just one way we make what’s exceptional today even better tomorrow.