Is Your Weekend Optimized For Entrepreneurial Excellence?

December 04, 2016

The notion of making the weekend a “work free zone” is one most entrepreneurs not only can’t afford, but simply aren’t interested in. When you live in a world that’s all about innovation, why the need to do anything conventionally? That said, the typical entrepreneur weekend could lead to a level of intensity that leaves you at risk for burnout.

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At The Vine, we believe that understanding one’s need for balance is an individual journey. Have 30 minutes or so and a journal handy? Check out Trepscore’s play by play of a typical entrepreneur’s weekend and ask yourself if your typical weekend is sufficiently restorative. We know you don’t have an off button, so try this exercise to force yourself to actively focus on how your behaviors are effecting your mental and physical wellness and make adjustment’s accordingly! If that seems easier said than done, download one of our new favorite apps, Headspace, for mindfulness exercises that calm even the busiest minds. For even more incentive to invest in some R&R, check out our Thanksgiveaway on Instagram to win a gift card to one of San Diego & Orange County’s finest shopping & dining establishments! Just follow these links to either The Vine San Diego or The Vine Orange County on Instagram and enter in just a few seconds!

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