Meet Zack - The Vine OC Community Manager

December 04, 2016

ELEVATE: So ZACK – as community Manager for The Vine OC what does your job entail exactly? 

ZACK: The community manager position entails a number of different facets. First, the community manager should know and be in communication with the customers at The Vine. This also means that the community manager should be aware of the current stage, at which each company within the Vine is in, and also know the factors that impact those companies. Second, I feel that the community manager should curate relationships beyond just The Vine itself and be a part of a greater ecosystem, that being the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Lastly, the community manager should market and represent The Vine by holding events and making The Vine a valuable and productive place for entrepreneurs to reside.

ELEVATE: Who are ideal customers for The Vine OC/SD? What kind of companies really get a lot out of the experience? Do you have any favorite anecdotes about successes that have been driven by the tools and resources provided by the space? 

ZACK: I feel the ideal customer for The Vine is actually much more broad than one would think, that is what is great about The Vine! Whether it’s a one-man startup or an enterprise company who has $10MM+ in funding, there is a place for them at The Vine. Considering I just started as the community manager less than a week ago, I have yet to witness any company successes personally, so I cannot provide any first hand anecdotes. Although, I am sure there will be plenty of successes that will grow from The Vine.

ELEVATE: What do you love most about your work? What gets you excited to come in everyday? 

ZACK: I am an entrepreneur myself, so being involved in a community that fosters innovation and houses like-minded people is awesome. I really enjoy walking into The Vine and seeing all the different companies, from all types of sectors, getting down to work and creating a better world for people. It’s great because the entrepreneurial spirit is palpable at The Vine OC.

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