Irvine Towers


Ace Parking manages the parking structures, parking lots and all parking matters at Irvine Towers.  For safety reasons, we request you and your employees adhere to the Parking Rules and Regulations, which can be found in your lease.

The onsite Ace Parking office is located inside the North end of the Phase I structure near the car detailing service (see site plan). Ace Parking's phone number is 949.809.2243, the fax number is 949.809.2247.   Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.,  closed Saturday and Sunday.

Upon moving in to Irvine Towers, Ace Parking will issue an initial supply of parking transponders.    Applications for reserved parking stalls can be obtained from the on-site Ace Parking office located on the ground floor of the parking structure (see site plan).  There is a one-time origination fee of $35.00 for each transponder issued by the Parking Office.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Parking fees are payable in advance and are due on the first of each month.  Credit is not given for vacation or other extended periods out of the lot.
  2. Individuals who are issued transponders are responsible for parking fees until the transponders are returned to Ace Parking.
  3. Areas marked “VISITOR” are to be used by visitors only and not by customers of the building.  Validation stickers may be purchased directly from Ace Parking.
  4. Areas marked "RESERVED" are to be used only by customers to whom the spaces are assigned.  Unathorized parking in reserved stalls could result in the removal of your vehicle from the property.

Your calls are important to Ace Parking.  If we are assisting a customer and are unable to take your call immediately, or if you call after-hours, please use our phone system option menu to leave voice mail for any staff member.  

If you have an emergency that is after their normal business hours, please call at Mike Fetter at 949.413.8978 or Security at 949.809.2217.

All staff members can assist you with any request or concern however, please note the following contacts and their specific areas of expertise:

PK Weerasekera -- Parking Services Manager
PK coordinates parking services and overall operations with property management.  Expect him to be in touch regularly to ensure your parking needs are being met.

Justin Clores -- Customer Service Representative
Justin can assist with general parking questions and requests.  Parker charges, validation orders, and delivery schedules are Justin's specialties.

Mike Fetter -- Senior Operations Manager
Mike is responsible for the overall operations throughout the Airport Area. 

Adriana DeGante -- Accounts Payable  Phone: 949.724.0963
Adriana assists with parking invoices inquiries and any billing questions such as validation orders.