Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions about the Irvine Company Office properties. We look forward to hearing from you with any additional inquiries you may have, reach us anytime at at: [email protected].

Property/Leasing FAQs

Product Types

A building with two to four floors is considered a Low Rise building.

A building with five or more floors is considered a High Rise building.

A building with one to two floors is considered Campus Office. Campus Office usually denotes multiple buildings in a “campus” setting.

Your business can have it all: private, move-in ready spaces where lease flexibility and HQ-quality design meet the speed and agility your team needs.

Furnished offices are fully improved, built-out office space that is move-in ready with furniture. These suites are perfect for companies that want to move into office space designed and furnished.

Lease Rates

A type of lease that estimates operating expenses to be paid by the customer in addition to base rent (insurance, taxes, exterior maintenance, etc.).

A type of lease where Landlord manages certain expenses (insurance, taxes, exterior maintenance, HVAC, plumbing and electrical repairs, etc.) and charges Tenant for the cost.

Gross means the estimated operating expenses are included. Janitorial and utilities are additional.

Full Service Gross means the base rent, janitorial, air conditioning and utilities are all included.


DL stands for Dock-Level loading and refers to delivery doors that are high-enough to be accessible directly by delivery trucks. Also referred to as Dock-High doors.

GL stands for Ground Level loading and refers to delivery doors that are positioned at ground level.

Clear Height is the minimum ceiling clearance in a warehouse.


Number of parking stalls for every 1,000 SF of space. Often written as 4 per 1,000 or 4:1,000.