From launching the world’s first fleet of hybrid-electric office buildings, to being nationally recognized as the number 1 owner of LEED and Energy Star Certified office buildings in the state of California, we are dedicated to ensuring that your workplace community is at the leading-edge of sustainable officing. As an Irvine Company customer, your business demonstrates a commitment to the highest standard of environmental stewardship, promising future generations an even better tomorrow. 





Welcome to Tomorrow's Energy Grid

Sustainable Design and Management


At Irvine Company, we're committed to investing in a better tomorrow for the customers and communities we serve.

For over 150 years, we've pioneered sustainable development through thoughtful planning, open space conservation, and land stewardship. Today, this philosophy is evidenced across our workplace communities, where sustainable practices are a part of everyday operations. Our teams of dedicated specialists take great pride in managing the environmental impact of each workday - through careful conservation efforts that achieve significant water and energy savings.





Energy Management System