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Workplace Wellness: Worth the Investment?

The short answer is yes, workplace wellness design is the real deal.


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Design for Movement

The benefits of regular exercise — improved concentration, faster learning speed, enhanced creativity — are greatest when exercise occurs during work hours.

Carrot or Stick?

Corporate wellness programs try both with mixed results.

Wellness-based Workplace Design

A workplace that's intentionally designed for wellness positively impacts employee health, even if the company offers no formalized corporate wellness programming.

Change Starts with Corporate Culture

Forward-thinking employers are eschewing one-off programs for a "culture of wellness" that prioritizes health and movement.

Wellness Impacts Productivity

Health-related productivity losses cost companies more than $200 billion per year. Stress, obesity, and physical ailments such as back pain can take a major toll on employee performance.

Take Meetings on the Move

Reap the benefits of being more active at work, even on your busiest days..

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