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Irvine Spectrum is Orange County’s tech hub and home to numerous tech Fortune 1,000 companiesfast-growing startups, and highly innovative people. Though not yet a central tech hub like Silicon Beach, Irvine Spectrum is rapidly evolving. Venture funding continues to flow into Orange County, earning more than $429M in funding from venture capitalists between Q1 and Q3 of 2016. In Q3, Orange County had the 10th largest funding volume of markets nationwide:

  • Irvine Spectrum's commercial office employment has grown 6x faster than Orange County and 2x faster than the Airport Area
  • 87% of all relocating workers are employed in tech-related firms
  • Average firm moving from the Airport Area to Irvine Spectrum employs +450 workers
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Why Vincit Made the Move



App maker Ville Houttu believes that success stems from “getting the right people on the bus.”  That’s why he moved his company — Vincit California — from Silicon Valley to Irvine Spectrum.

“We focus on our employees,” he says. “We feel that if we keep our employees happy, they’ll keep our customers happy – and we’ll grow a lot faster.”

So far, it’s working.

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Top Talent Lives and Works Here


Success is building in Southern California and Irvine Spectrum is the center of gravity for business and innovation. As the vibrant ecosystem of lifestyle, community, and business come together, there’s a celebratory, energetic spirit of breaking new ground, developing big ideas and building exciting opportunities.



Top 6 Reasons to Choose Irvine Spectrum

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