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In 2019, workplace design is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for our day-to-day, moment-to-moment lives. Thoughtful workplace improvements are building on the big and bold trends from previous years, taking experiential design and statement amenities to the next level.

These trends adapt the workplace to meet employees’ unique needs, preferences and behaviors,  ensuring the big and bold improvements of years past can be used to their full potential. Statement-making amenities may get talent in the door, but retention requires delivering on the promise of these offerings and that’s exactly what 2019’s workplace design trends do.

Dining Trends to Diversity Your Workplace

1) Workplace-on-Demand

From Netflix to Postmates to Google Home, the world has moved to an on-demand model, and the workplace is evolving to meet our expectations for speed and convenience. Peloton virtual spin instructors, temperature control, food, office maintenance, and even fuel delivery are all at employees’ fingertips.

2) Care-Focused Service Takes Center Stage

Flashy amenities have long stolen the spotlight as workplace highlights, but as demands on executive mindshare multiply, a truly exceptional customer experience is the most sought-after offering of all. By delivering both seamless service and exceptional care, engineering and customer resource teams are raising the bar for what’s possible in the workplace.

3) Diversity in Dining

High-quality healthy food on site aids in employee satisfaction and productivity, but the benefits erode when your workforce tires of available offerings. From rotating food trucks to pop-up restaurant experiences to onsite microbreweries, creative solutions are bringing diversity to workplace dining.

4) Indoor-Outdoor Conferencing Experience

Experience-driven spaces have been trending for years, but conference centers have historically remained technology-driven spaces more traditional in design. Opening up conference centers to the outdoors creates new engagement opportunities. Organic integration of the natural environment into the built one elevates the conference and event experience and stimulates more movement and interaction among attendees.

5) Next-Level Inclusivity

For workforces to operate at their full potential, the workplace must go above and beyond to serve diverse individual needs. Employers are achieving this with workplaces that support the whole self through next-level inclusivity. Simple offerings can have a profound impact: mother’s rooms, accommodations for the neurodiverse and differently abled, and apps for the visually impaired.

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