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We asked how you’re living your WorkLife and you answered with stories about everything from judgmental pets to National Crayon Day celebrations. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share some of our favorites to inspire you. This week, we’re sharing eight ways* our community is living their WorkLife Anywhere.

*Some responses have been edited for length and clarity

building a routine with 3 kids

A realistic routine and family teamwork has been the foundation of successfully working from home with three kids. Not every day goes smoothly, but before bedtime we take the time to chat, learn from our mistakes and to agree on how we could do better.

Xochitl Zuniga, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling, Jamboree Center

Attending a family wedding on Zoom

The Zoom app has been great for staying connected to my church and family. For a church meeting we had approximately 275 people on the same video conference call. I also witnessed my aunt getting married via the Zoom app.

Holly Conger, Valcenters, MacArthur Court

Dancing to kiis fm with an “artist of the day”

I play a game where every time I hear a certain artist’s songs play on the radio I get up and dance. I listen to KIIS FM everyday, so they definitely replay the most popular. To change it up, I choose a different artist every day. Today it’s Lizzo :).

Liz Randall, University of California, Irvine, UCI Research Park

running a mile in a one bedroom

I tend to exercise outside, but in the spirit of social distancing, I’ve taken to YouTubing yoga, HIIT, and other fun workouts. I even ran a few miles in my one-bedroom apartment by doing laps and more laps. Working remotely has allowed me to cook and bake more as well, so I’m eating healthier and heartier meals. My next goal is to carve out time for a meditation schedule, something I never made time for before this.

Melissa Phillips, JAMS, Jamboree Center

spreading hope

I have been using my artistic skills to make watercolor “hope” cards and donating them to pastors who are on the front line handing out food bank donations. I am part of an art group called Saddleback Visual Arts and a member of the greeting card ministry. I might not be the best artist, but as long as my cards have brought a smile or hope to a fellow citizen, then what I created and shared was just right.

Shelly Byrd, Pirzadeh & Associates, Inc., Venture Park

creating structure with time blocks

I use time blocks to maximize productivity. Pick a task like drafting a report or creating a PowerPoint, estimate how much time you think is required to complete the task, and set a timer. I go until the timer goes off, drop what I’m doing, and take a 10 to 15 minute break. During breaks drinking water, walking, even jumping jacks help stimulate the brain. I pat myself on the back for successfully completing my objective and then I set another timer and start all over.

Kevin Luxon, Inovella Technologies, Irvine Business Center

getting creative with fitness

I am a huge fitness gal. Live and breathe it all day, every day. With the gyms closing their doors, I have had to transform my gym days to at-home HIIT workouts. It has been fun and challenging to find alternative objects for weights. Last week, I filled a backpack up with a ton of heavy objects. Gotta make it work! 

Angelena Rago, Miramontes Capital, Newport Center

conquering the to-do list, one small task at a time

My weekend agenda has since changed and it is now devoted to accomplishing something; that long list of “I’ll do it later” tasks are finally being erased, one by one! I’ve power washed my house, cleaned out the garage, hung a clock, played my instruments, and taken up some new hobbies along the way. The feeling of accomplishment that I get from these small tasks helps to keep my spirits high and allows me to feel recharged at the start of a new week in lieu of doing something social.

Corey Fleming, Mavenlink, Discovery Park

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